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PET -Race-Track-Challenge-Vsett, Zero10x, Veteran Sherman, Dualtron Thunder

Just before things turned grim again, we managed to arrange a meet-up with our friends at EV-Tek.

We brought up a bunch of scooters and wheels to try around their go-kart track!

For the record, we tried two Vsett (which are now pre-order from next week at PET!) the very special Zero 10x Limited and the venerable Dualtron Thunder on the scooter side.  Plus, a Veteran Sherman, Inmotion V11 and the Gotway Nikola 100v from the EUC camp.  Track conditions were not exactly optimal – damp and greasy tarmac isn’t much fun on two wheels (not to mention one wheel)!

We learned a lot about track set-up that day.  The Zero and Vsett suspension is simply not track focussed and weight transfer during braking was an issue.  The Thunder, which practically has no suspension, excelled on the track.  Big, heavy and no suspension movement can make it a handful on the road, but on the track it just worked. 

Scooters are winning the power race at the moment.  Two powerful hub motors are simply better than one and the EUCs couldn’t compete in a straight drag race. The ‘leg-out around the bends’ riding technique favoured by extreme scooter riders is starting to really work.  This allows riders to deal with a certain amount of slip through the bends.

EUCs cannot do this – if you exceed available traction through a bend, you need to grow some wings.

It is early days when it comes to racing and there will no doubt be some exciting developments to come in scooter and EUC design as things get competitive. Given the right race formulas, this could help drive the technology forward and improve products just like it has done for cars.

Here’s hoping!

Team PET⚡️


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