Phone Holders for e-scooters & e-bikes

“Hey! Sorry I missed your call – I was riding!”

Sound familiar?

It’s probably time you to check out our phone holders Have you ever gone for a ride only to find out afterwards that you have missed calls from the mates? That wouldn’t happen if you had a handlebar phone holder – just sayin’. Y

ou could’ve arranged to hang out and conveniently switched to the GPS for an easy route to your destination, but your phone was probably in your bag.

Phone holders are nearly a must among the electric bike accessories these days (along with your e scooter lock !!).
They also allow you to charge them while you ride, as some rides include a USB port to keep your device full of juice on your daily routes.

Your best assistant riding together with you No matter which ride or phone you use, have your best co-rider seated side by side with the best handlebar phone holder.

Always on hand to assist you on your way. Sooooomewhere over the rainbow… Caught in the rain? We have some options for rainproof pouch phone holders, or if your device does get along with water, you might want to consider some touchscreen gloves instead, to keep your hands warm and dry.

“But my scooter doesn’t have a USB slot to charge my phone! Can I fit a battery?”

YES! We also stock some different pouches and carriers to carry power banks, wallets, keys and even your lil’dog (just kidding, but our biggest one can carry a small picnic meal if needed 😉 ) Not enough space? You can check out our handlebar extensions to gain a bit of room on your handlebar.

Works Great “I first bought this bicycle phone holder for my iPhone on my Catrike Expedition, and it worked great for paved trails. Then I saw a better GUB holder and bought it because I started taking rougher trails/public roads and didn’t want to worry about losing my phone. BUT I found a great use for part of this GUB mount – holding the rear rack struts to the rear bike frame (because the original rack mounts were flimsy and broke) – so I bought another one of these GUB G-81.

“This bicycle phone mount is very sturdy and it appears will never loosen or break. Great product!” – PET Gub G-81Customer
Definitely beats them wrapped around rubber band holders!

“All around a great product. Better than having a clamp with rubber. The tie down was more sturdy than the flip around rubber bands on most holders. Yet to have any issues with mines it’s holding my IPhone 7plus like a champ.” – PET Gub G-85 Customer

Hey Give us a buzz! Want to check out what phone holders we have on offer, just pop into the store or give us a call, or you can also drop us an email. One of us will be very happy to assist you with your queries and advice on other accessories you might need to keep yourself on the go.