Electric bikes in London

eBikes, a Great Transport Solution For London 

Ebikes in London ​​

Electric Bikes are in demand more than ever thanks to their extreme level of fun. London’s electric bike scene has blossomed since the UK went into the Covid-19 pandemic and the team at PET are just as excited about these two wheeled monsters as the ever growing community itself. Riding an e-bike has never been easier, with not only traditional cyclists but other e-rider enthusiasts getting in on the action. Even our Onewheel riding friends approve!

Here at Personal Electric Transport we sell what we ride, providing a dedicated team of e-bike loving engineers committed to looking after your e-bikes. Come along and meet them! Our commitment also extends to our manufacturers, who together have decades of experience in designing E-bikes suitable for commuter life.
Earning high praise from some of the leading industry outlets such as electricbikereport.com and ebikenerds. It’s safe to say we got you covered if you’re looking for electric bicycles London.

It doesn’t stop there!
Come and check out our full range of electric scooters in London, suited for all types of riders. Our range of electric bikes at our London store include the Ruff Cycles, NewGen Swifty and Brompton. The Swytch electric bike is coveted amongst established bike owners who are keen on converting their bicycle into a capable e-bike.

Our LIL BUDDY offers a splash of the seventies, suitable for anyone who is enthusiastic about combining nostalgia with the very best modern e-ride technology. We are delighted to team up with Lil Buddy’s founder Aaron who has been designing bicycles since 1994 and is now bringing his skills and love for cycling to the electric transportation industry!

The NewGen e-bike is the perfect assistant for your city commutes and is also awesome for riders who want the freedom to take their riding away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Whatever the use case may be, each ebike has its own unique feature. Whether you’re just stepping into the E-Bike world or are looking to step it up a notch, we’ll try our hardest to ensure your satisfaction. Want the full e-bike experience?

Feel free to also browse our accessories range at the bottom of the page. We are passionate about our customers having fun safely and in style.

That’s why you can get covered from head to toe with everything you need from ARMORED jackets to helmets and even benefit from our newly introduced PET gift card!

Read what we have to offer and are interested in getting an electric bicycle in London?

Don’t take our word for it, book a test ride today! All you need to do is drop us an email or call and we’ll arrange a time that works for you.
PET opened its electric scooter brick and mortar store in London back in 2019 which was one of the first electric scooter shops in the UK.

We have been importing electric scooters and EUC (electric unicycles) since 2015 making us the most experienced electric scooter shop in the country.