Looking to kit yourself out with the latest and greatest electric scooter accessories?

At Personal Electric Transport, we also stock OneWheel, electric unicycle, e-Skate and electric bike accessories.

Whatever your preferred mode of electric transport, we’re here for you to make your every ride the perfect ride. 

Our electric scooter accessories range from safety gear, to visibility and beyond.

Safety First

We highly recommend that you protect your ride from thieves with locks when parked. For your own riding safety, we also recommend that you protect your head and body with a helmet, gloves, knee pads or wearable armour. 

The visibility of your electric vehicle is also super important to your safety. Especially if you often ride at night or at dusk and or dawn. We can’t always depend on natural or street lighting for our visibility during these times. For this very reason, we have the latest and best mountable lights. All of which have been carefully selected to satisfy every riding style and all electric vehicles.

We also stock waterproof bags of various sizes. That way you can travel and store your items in one place during and after your journey.

You can order all of our range online or visit our London showroom in Leyton. 

If you are planning a visit, please note that during lockdown we are open by appointment only. As we strictly comply with Covid-19 health regulations, you will need to wear a mask when in store. Social distancing also applies to ensure everyone’s safety.

While booking, you can let us know whether you would like to try any of our vehicle range during your visit. 

Are you buying e-scooter accessories as a gift? Why not purchase a PET gift card instead? Simply select the amount you would like to give. The gift card will be sent straight to the recipient’s email. Then, they will be able to shop for their electric scooter accessories in our store or from the comfort of their own home.

So you’ve had your electric scooter in London for a while and you’re actually looking for replacement parts and upgrades?

Not a problem, we’ve put them in the upgrades and service & parts sections of the Personal Electric Transport website. There you will find tyres, inner-tubes, premium brakes such as Magura and NUTT. We also stock stem clamps for electric scooters and electric unicycles.

Our highly experienced team of mechanics can also attach any e-scooter accessories. They also install upgrades and customisations at our workshop if you wish.

Scroll down to discover the complete PET range of electric scooter accessories.

Need to return an item?

You’ve got 14 days to return unused items in their original condition. Drop us an email if you have any questions.