Commuter backpacks & bags for e-scooters & e-bikes

Ready to access Inspector Gadget levels of cool?

Carry it all in your Commuter backpack
Never get caught on the go without your most important stuff. From carrying your laptop or your trusty umbrella, you can take it all with you.

At Personal Electric Transport we have all sorts of electric scooter bags and backpacks to make your life lighter and easier. Most adventurers would love to have a look at our waterproof backpacks like Oxford’s Aqua Evo, available in different sizes to keep all your belongings safe on your trips.

What about carrying my rides?
You can also find carrier bags for Onewheels and E-Twow rideables, together with more discreet carry handles suitable to be fitted on nearly every mount.

Should you need a commuter backpack with indicator signals or an aerodynamic protective No Drag backpack, you can roam around our catalog to find anything you might need for your scoot or biking adventures.

Luckily for us gadgets nowadays don’t have a size limit. Check what other riders have to say:

“Absolutely fantastic customer service.”

“Very fast delivery and kept up to speed with my order. I ordered an Oxford Aqua bag!! Highly recommend it!”

“Thanks again I bought a carry bag Bought a carry bag for an electric scooter.
Item arrived very quickly after purchase.”

“Accessory strap Ordered a carry strap for my scooter and was at my door the very next day. The YouTube video showing how to fit it was handy too. Thanks.”

“There’s nothing like a little racing to stir the blood! Woohoo!”
It doesn’t matter what route you choose, our electric scooter bags will help you personalise your experience and maximize your journeys.

Should you carry your DSLR camera and a sleeping bag for a creative relaxing trip around the countryside or pop up to the corner shop for the daily groceries, we have on offer different options adaptable to your next adventure.

Pouches, carriers and backpacks are not only capable of being fitted to your ride, but also you can carry them on you at your best convenience.

Flexibility on the move! They also add to the riding experience, by adding features like rider’s protection or low visibility turning signals. Specially selected from riders for riders. You will always find something that adapts to you.

Now you can make your trips more comfortable and “hands free”, remove all the hassles but still carry all you need. Add as many accessories as you might need for your journey.

Personalise your experience with a new phone holder or a pouch to have your charger or your pocket valuables at an arm’s length.

Optimize your experience.
Whether you need assistance choosing the right commuter backpack or your brand new ride, do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email. You can also pop up into the shop or book a test ride to maximize your riding experience. Don’t forget your e scooter helmet, and off you go!!