Protective helmets for e-scooters & e-bikes

Choose From the Best Range of eScooter Helmets & e-Bike

Helmets It goes without saying, at Personal Electric Transport the safety of our community always comes first.
This is why all our products are of the highest quality and why we always recommend that you wear a helmet when riding your electric vehicle.

Protecting your head is paramount, for obvious reasons. It’s really no wonder that a good helmet increases your peace of mind on every journey you take. Most importantly, getting a helmet that is well paired with your riding style.

For this reason we stock electric scooter, electric unicycle, Onewheel, e-skate, e-bike, and urban bike helmets. Finding the best eScooter helmet for you In the case of e-bikes and most electric scooters, half face helmets will do the trick.

We love Triple 8 and Kali for their well designed, simple and effective coverage. Both brands are world renowned for their excellent reputations, craftsmanship and real on the ground experience.

In addition, when it comes to smart helmets, Livall offers a visible element of safety for e-riders who like to be synced with their tech. To add, these lightweight, durable lids let riders effortlessly to visibly indicate. Perfect for night rides, or high traffic daily commutes. Helmets for the extreme riders If you’re an extreme rider, you’re like many in our community.

So on a side note – make sure to look out for our group rides that’ll be returning as soon as the gov gives us the green light.

Back to safety – we’ve put in the work to find and test comfortable, ventilated and well designed lids. That way, we know you’ll want to wear them, they’ll be worn for longer and you’ll like what you look like in them!

If protective gear is your second skin an eScooter helmet is like a second visage. Our full face range puts the fun in safety. We stock brands such as Kali, 100% Gear, Bell and Answer racing, which all have super specs for brain safety.

The Kali Zoka is so comfortable that it has converted even the most reluctant helmet wearers. One Kali Zoka user told us: “I’m just glad that I can wear a helmet that listens to my needs. To wear little to no excess weight without compromising my safety as an EUC rider is really good.”

You can easily pair up your full face helmet with protective goggles and items from our protective gear range. Apart from the obvious safety elements, our approach to helmet usage helps to show the public the responsibility of e-riders.

Browse the collection online or come to our shop and try your eScooter helmet or urban bike helmet on in person. Need to exchange an item? You can exchange unused items in their original condition up to 14 days later. Drop us an email if you have any questions.