Replacements parts for e-scooter, EUC, Onewheel

Need Replacement Parts For Your Personal Lightweight Electric Vehicle?

By now you should know that we stock a wide variety of micromobility, but did you know that we have a vast range of electric scooter parts in the UK, available right here on our website?

Personal Electric Transport is the UK’s first electric scooter and urban mobility shop and we’ve travelled around the world searching for the best rides and technology to bring to you. So you can certainly rest assured that the parts we have up for sale are the best quality on the market.

What we’ve noticed over the years is that many people don’t realise that they will need electric scooter replacement parts. Especially for first time electric scooter buying folks, they sort of treat e-scooter purchases like buying a new tele or mobile phone.

When in reality they are buying a vehicle with moving parts and they will need to get electric scooter parts in the UK to effectively maintain their rides. At PET we are all about long term solutions to mobility and climate problems.

That means that the vehicles we sell are made to be ridden for a long lifespan. You won’t find any cheap knock offs in our store, but what you will find is the highest standard of engineering in micro-mobility.

Regular maintenance will keep you and your ride happy for extended amounts of time for that you’ll need access to replacement parts. Punctures are the most common issue, so the most frequently purchased electric scooter parts in the UK that are bought from us are of course pneumatic tyres.

Innertubes, brakes, brake pads and displays are also parts that a lot of people order. Don’t be fooled by websites promising high quality parts that are in fact poor replicas of what they have posted up on the internet.

Sites that have deals that seem to good to be true are often exactly that. Plus with these dodgy avenues, shipping is often a hidden cost that will burn a hole in your back pocket.

Electric scooters parts in the UK can be tricky to find if you don’t know where to look. That’s why we’ve made them available through our website. Simply browse through the categories and order them to be delivered straight to your door.

Or come visit us in Leyton and purchase them in store. If you’re needing electric scooter replacement parts in the UK, we’re here to help. From your Mate e-Bike to your kingsong electric unicycle get in touch with us for all the replacement parts you need.

In the case of a repair job, give us a call and we’ll be able to book you into our workshop in Leyton, London. From there our experienced mechanics will take care of your ride and fit any e-bike, euc or electric scooter replacement parts.