Electric scooters

Electric scooters are the ultimate vehicle of the future. Are you ready to say hello to the freedom of clean green transport available at your fingertips?

We’re sure you are and you’ve come to the right place.

Personal Electric Transport has been dedicated to finding the best quality range of electric scooters in the UK since 2015. From trusted brands such as Zero, E-Twow, InMotion, and Xiaomi to next generation vehicles like Vsett we have you covered.

In the face of climate change, we truly believe that the power of going electric with an electric scooter will positively impact the environment, our peace of mind and commuting* habits.

From the very beginning we’ve been committed to helping you find the perfect ride for you. Our community takes great pride in being a part of the electric revolution and their contribution to reducing air pollution.

Also, we test everything in our shop, so when we say we sell what we ride, we really mean it!

Any scooter you purchase from us comes with warranty and a free 1000 mile check up by our experienced mechanical team at our Leyton workshop.

So, are you after a lightweight point to point electric scooter for London*? Or an extreme all terrain model? Scooters come in all different sizes with a range of different features. It’s best to match your typical journey with an electric vehicle that will perform well given your unique requirements.

Not sure where to start? Check out our buying guides to find the best e-scooter in the UK that will suit your needs. You can find our them in the Advice section of our website.

If you’re still not sure, give us a call, drop us an email or book a test ride with one of our team.
All our scooters and eucs are available to order online with free delivery. If you’d rather pick up your vehicle in person and visit our team at our London showroom that can also be arranged.

Once you’ve decided on the best ride for you, we’ve carefully selected our range of optimal accessories and upgrades that will complete your ride.

Our highly experienced team of mechanics can also attach any e-scooter accessories. They can also install customisations at our workshop if you wish.

Scroll down to discover the top electric scooters in London and the UK.

If it’s a second hand electric scooter you’re after, get in touch with us and we’ll let you know what we have available.

*Under current UK law, E-scooters are not to be used in the UK on public roads, cycle lanes or footpaths.