NAMI Klima ONE Electric Scooter


NAMI Klima ONE Electric Scooter


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New NFC immobiliser kit and upgraded tail light.

The single-motor version of Nami Klima.

  • 60V 25Ah battery
  • Adjustable hydraulic coil suspension
  • Logan hydraulic disc brakes
  • Water resistant IP55 and IP67 Rating for peace of mind
  • 2-Yr warranty from PET
  • Specification
    Max Speed

    42 mph / 67.5 km/h

    Range (Claimed)



    Motor (Nominal)



    Charging Time

    10 hours charging time with standard charger, 5 hours with a fast charger


    KKE hydraulic coil shock with rebound adjustment


    Logan, Front/Rear, Hydraulic

    Wheel Size



    2000 lumen front led light, / Side LED strip integrated with turn signal / Motorcycle horn / IP55

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg


  • Description

    The Klima One is the single-motor version of the incredibly popular OG Klima, making it even lighter and more affordable. It still boasts the same top speed and excellent features that made the Klima a hit!

    One standout feature of the Nami Klima is its impressive range. The standard Klima model is powered by a 60V 25Ah battery, ensuring extended riding sessions that can last for hours. For those craving more adventure, the Klima Max is equipped with a 60V 30Ah LG battery featuring 21700 cells, allowing the excitement to endure indefinitely. Every Klima comes standard with a Fast Charger, enabling a swift full battery recharge in just around 5 hours!

    Noteworthy is not only the exceptional quality of the batteries but also their waterproofing. Nami has invested significant time and effort into fortifying the electrical components of their scooters, providing customers with the confidence that their scooters are well-shielded from the elements.

    Another standout feature across the Klima and Nami models lies in their exceptional suspension quality. The incorporation of fully adjustable KKE hydraulic coil shocks empowers riders to tailor their comfort levels through customizable preload and rebound adjustments. Whether you’re an enthusiast of trail exploration or track dominance, there’s a setting that caters specifically to your preferences!

    Nami has enhanced their already remarkable display, ensuring crystal-clear visibility even in bright sunlight. The display now features five riding modes and complete customization options, allowing riders to preset various specifications for distinct situations.

    In addition to the ability to adjust regen, acceleration, assisted start, and units (km or mph) among other settings, riders can also activate turbo mode. When engaged, turbo mode delivers an impressive 12% increase in top speed!

    Embark on a fresh riding experience on two wheels with the NAMI (New Age Mobility Innovation) Burn-e electric scooter. Under the leadership of Michael Sha and his team, the NAMI brand has undergone years of meticulous research and development, striving to redefine the possibilities of electric transportation. Ride and Glide proudly stand as the exclusive distributors for the NAMI brand in the UK, dedicated to fostering its global recognition and growth!

  • Brand

    New Age Mobility Innovation. These four words sum up NAMI’s ambition to design, develop and manufacture high-end / top of the line electric scooters and mobility vehicles.

    Nami Electric
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