Upgrades for e-scooter, EUC & Onewheel

Looking for e-bike, EUC and Onewheel and electric scooter upgrades?

Personal Electric Transport has your back. Since 2015 we’ve been selling, repairing and upgrading personal electric vehicles aka PEVs for all of the wonderful people in our community.

First it was the scooter geeks who got into the upgrades and custom builds. However, today people from many different walks of life have their own ideas on what will make their rides perform at a higher level or simply more comfortable.

Our expert team of electric scooter and electric bike mechanics are available right here in our London workshop to maintain and upgrade your ride to an excellent standard. Electric bike, euc and onewheel and of course e-scooter upgrades are our speciality.

Our workshop team really enjoys making each ride perfect for the rider. e-Scooters and e-Bikes When it comes to bike and e-scooter upgrades most people aim to increase their performance and or make their vehicle more comfortable to ride. For these reasons, brakes are some of the most popular upgrades on scooters and electric bikes in our workshop. Riders who love their power level at beast mode also appreciate that beast mode brakes are imperative to the safety of their vehicle.

Normal braking systems require frequent maintenance, you can do away with all of that by upgrading to hydraulic brakes! We have selected Nutt and Magura brakes or you to choose from.

The Nutt hydraulic e-brake system is a high end braking system that provides more stopping power, more durable, reliable and predictable pad.

Only want the absolute best for your electric bike or e-scooter upgrades? Magura has been around for over 120 years. Professional racing mountain bike riders swear by these brakes. Needless to say, these are great for off road riders and down hill riders. Their high quality brakes offer powerful and predictable stopping power, require zero maintenance and manage heat better than most brakes systems.

It’s exciting that as the EUC community grows, the more brilliant upgrades are designed for these machines. We stock upgrades for Inmotion, Kingson and Gotway/Begode. EUC riders love changing up their pedals and padding depending on their riding style. Watch this space for the evolving world of EU upgrades.

Onewheels All riders in the #floatlife know that their Onewheel is also a form of self expression with cool options for customisation.

We stock coloured fenders, bumpers, handles, Surestance footpads and railguards at PET. Together we can ensure that your Onewheel will never be confused for anyone elses during a group ride out.

Drop us an email or give us a call to book your electric scooter upgrades at PET. Are you actually looking for spare parts?
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