E-scooter & cycling gloves

A Range of Scooter Gloves to Rule

All Journeys for those of you who have hopped on any rideable vehicle, you know the importance of not just wearing protection, but to be covered against all sorts of unpredictable weather.

At Personal Electric Transport we have a huge variety of scooter gloves and e scooter helmets for any occasion and ride. One pair of wrist gloves to rule them all…
If you are in need of scooter gloves, or for your ebike or electric skateboard, you would want to look at gloves which still give you some mobility while protecting your wrist and hands from any bad fall.

Our favourites are the all arounder Flatland 3D, with its anti bending and renowned Knox SPS feature, which not only protects your hands, but also your wrists from twisting.

Or if you are a more extreme rider and just want to be protected, but still have the flexibility of a regular riding glove, the EVS Wristler would be good for you. Both will give you the protection you need while allowing you to hold handlebars or remotes as you may need.

For extreme One Wheel and EUC riders who don’t have to hold or grab anything, the best go-to would be our HillBilly range with strong palm protection both full finger and fingerless options to choose as the best wrist gloves …and in the winter cycling gloves to warm them in the Land of the Angles where clouds reign over the moor There is nothing worse than riding under the pouring rain and feeling the cold wind cutting through.

If you either want to improve your gripping or just keep your hands warm, we also have a nice variety of winter cycling gloves to choose from, with reputable brands such as Answer, Triple8 or Oxford. I will not ride without them!

I have a few different brands of skate gloves, and these are by far my favorite for e-skate. This design is based on the famous Knox brand style and still made by Knox. I personally fell while wearing these from 30mph on a dual Trampa setup and had no wrist or hand injuries (did fracture my shoulder and had a killer road rash though). The scaphoid pads on the gloves do their job and mine even survived the crash and are still worn today (see photo). The palm material, although it feels soft and suede like, is actually pricey Clarino leather which is very tough. I personally love them and the construction is top notch.

Shall you ride all your way to Lowlands, do not hesitate to give us a call or drop us an email for some assistance and recommendations, and also you can try them out in our premises, so you will wear your best scooter gloves armor, and also check for the best e scooter lock to be fully safe in your journey.