Locks for e-scooters & e-bikes

Nothing can bring you peace quite like your e scooter lock We all know of someone who has gotten their ride stolen, not just for leaving it unattended, but also for not using the best adapted anti theft equipment to protect their investment on e scooter, e bike or EUC.
Needless to say, we’ve totally been there before. It’s easy to lose track of our belongings or for thieves to take advantage of basic e scooter lock in a matter of minutes.
Being established in London since 2015, Personal Electric Transport has plenty of knowledge of the best carry-on accessories for your commuter backpack.

We stock a wide range of e scooter locks, immobilisers, GPS trackers and anti theft devices with the most competitive prices in the market, which we have tested in our own vehicles.

We’ve done all the research to help you keep your ride safe for your each and every commute.

Enjoy your ride without worrying about thieves So you are in need of a reliable device to keep your mind at ease? D e scooter locks have shown they are the safest way to lock most vehicles.

We stock brands like Abus, known in the market as one of the main references among bike accessories.

Their bike locks are amazing
“Their bike locks are amazing. Super strong, super reliable, easy to use and great accessories.” – A PET e scooter lock customer

Do you want to keep your e ride located at all times?

We are currently testing some of the most popular GPS trackers in the market and we already stock brand trackers for our scooters. With brand proprietary trackers, you ensure signals won’t get lost, as they were made to be integrated as an accessory directly inside your deck.

Yet you will leave your ride unattended for the quick shopping, we also offer immobilizers, so your scooter will call for help in case it gets in trouble. Keep your transport safe with attitude As no rides are equal to each other, so neither are e scooter locks.

How do you use your ride? What do you use it for? Where do you carry it around?

There are not two equal answers to these questions, so what works for others, might not work for you. From the simplest to the most sophisticated.

As important as your protective goggles or your helmet, the way you secure your mount is a definitive extension of your ride experience.

Protect what matters!

Have a look at what we have to offer. If you are unsure it would suit your needs, do not hesitate on giving us a call or drop us a quick email so we can give you our feedback and recommend the best option adapted to your necessities. Keep it rolling!