Inner Tubes and Tyres for e-scooter in London

Choose the right scooter inner tube, because it’s what’s inside that counts

Since the invention of the wheel, one of the most acclaimed consumables are the inner tubes and tyres. Like a good pair of shoes, you would wear some nice and comfortable socks with them. It’s the same in the case of your beloved ride. Infact, the main reason you would get a flat tire is related to a lack of maintenance on the air pressure and status of your electric scooter tyres. Although they might look brand new on the outside, the inside could be a completely different story.

Wiring on the inside of your tyre might have come out causing punctures on your rubbing against your scooter inner tube. Among other electric scooter parts, there are plenty of tyres and inner tubes available on the internet, but at Personal Electric Transport we stock only the highest quality of scooter inner tube and electric scooter tyres to suit your needs.
If we wouldn’t mount it in our rides, we wouldn’t stock it. That should speak for ourselves regarding quality and trustworthiness.

Here’s what the customers said:

“Only ordered 1, they called to inform me.
I ordered another and they delivered both together the next morning. Super fast delivery and amazing customer service 10/10 😎👍🏼”
– PET Customer ZERO10X 3×10” road tires including innertube

“These guys are amazing! I took my step-son’s Xaomi M365 into them as it had a punctured front tyre and several others and myself were not able to fix the issue replacing the tyre and inner-tube. These guys did it in 30 mins but replaced both front and rear tyres with solid tyres (with extra cost). Would have been lost without them trying to sort this out. Customer service was great and they also replaced some missing screws and reflectors!….use these guys if you want to replace your Xaomi M365 tyres.” – PET Inner Tube Customer

I’m not afraid of heights, have you seen my wheels?
Our rides reflect our personalities and in PET we know that. That’s the reason we offer different options to suit the same ride. Should you need EUC inner tubes and tyres for your weekend ride or your next eScooter trip ahead, you can reach us for some advice on the best options we can recommend to you.

Together with upgrades like hydraulic brakes, you can completely level up your riding experience. We know when it comes to your PEV it’s not a one size fits all situation. Break your limits and have your ride adapted to your needs, not the other way around – that is why we chose to be PLEVs riders! By choosing a good scooter inner tube and tyres, your ride will stay nice and fresh.

May your tire be your best personal footprint!
Have a look at our catalog to look for the perfect fit. You can order them online and have them with you in 24 to 48hs. If you have any questions or need to get them fitted, please drop us an email or give us a call to book you in for the workshop.