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Onewheels Were Created To Destroy Boredom

The Onewheel was invented with the intention to hack your commute, dominate any terrain and give you the freedom to snowboard all season.

Personal Electric Transport is an official Onewheel UK retailer. However, you might know us as an electric scooter, e-bike, e-skate, electric unicycle and second hand electric scooter shop.

Karl Doerksen spent 8 years creating prototypes of an e-skate with only one wheel and brought you what is now known as the Onewheel.  So in 2014 Karl took his e-ride to KickStart and got the public funding to produce his electric vehicle.

Endless Fun and Adventure

For these reasons and more, we love the fun and adventure that this unique e-skate has brought to the electric revolution.
Needless to say, a
ll on ONE wheel!

Those in our community of UK riders, can’t get enough of these and e-boards. So they usually can’t stop talking about how much happiness their onewheel brings them… and how much they feel like Marty McFly.

Infact, you might not be able to get the smile of your face once you enter what e-riders call #thefloatlife.

Boards Come In Two Models

Today, there are two models available, the legendary XR Plus and it’s small but mighty sibling the Pint. Indeed, we stock both at Personal Electric Transport and we’ve even got demo models for you to get a taste of that clean green freedom.

However, both models are something that your wildest Back To The Future dreams are made of.

XR Plus

The Onewheel XR Plus is the model for more range and more power. Undoubtedly designed for e-skaters who love the versatility of adventuring off road and in mountainous areas. Even so, the XR still slips in and out of urban street cruising like a breeze. Get into your zen and feel what it’s like to float anywhere at any time.


The Pint’s lighter weight and compact sizing make it one hell of a board for the city or village. While at the same time maintaining the perfect amount of torque and acceleration.
The Pint also features Simplestop dismount technology which shortens the learning curve for new riders. That way you quickly feel confident no matter what your experience level.

An Extension of Self Expression

For many, their one wheel  is also a form of self expression with cool options for customisation. Coloured fenders, bumpers, handles, Surestance footpads and more accessories ensure that your Onewheel will never be confused for anyone elses during a group ride out.

Can’t wait to experience #thefloatlife? Take a look at the range and book a test ride at our showroom in Leyton, London.