Onewheel Pint Electric Skateboard


Onewheel Pint Electric Skateboard


The Onewheel ride experience distilled into a smaller package for your every-day journeys and adventures.

*Onewheel comes with a 1-year warranty directly from the manufacturer – Future Motion.


Change the look:

Onewheel Pint Surestance Footpads

  • Specification

    Slate, Sand

  • Description

    The Onewheel Pint gives you the legendary Onewheel ride experience, distilled into a smaller package for your every-day journeys and adventures.

    At just 27 inches long, the Pint conveniently fits in your life.  It’s outfitted with an integrated Maghandle, making it a fun-sized machine to go. You can take it on the bus, set it next to you at the coffee shop or stash it neatly under your desk.

    The Pint features a Lightbar integrated into the front footpad for sense pad indication, battery monitoring and in-ride alerts.

    It also features Simplestop dismount technology, enabling new riders to learn to ride quickly and feel confident.

    Make your board an original like you with coloured fenders, bumpers, and handles, Surestance footpads, ultrachargers and more.

    There is so much more to Pint than one big wheel in the centre, it’s a highly integrated piece of high tech machinery with more to it than first meets the eye.

  • Brand
    It all comes down to creating vehicles from the future and riding them into the sunset with an ear to ear grin.
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