Wrist Rear Mirror


Wrist Rear Mirror


The Wrist Rear View Mirror can provide the best all-around vision and improve your safety.

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    Personal Electric Transport - with PET, it's personal.

    We have been working with micro-mobility since 2015. Together we’ve built a community of riders who are all passionate about changing the way we get around. Personal Electric Transport now has an expanding range of wearables and other products that have all been handpicked for our own personal use and for friends of PET.

    Official Dealers of Vsett, E-Twow & Onewheel + more

    We’ve been around for a while and have struck up excellent relationships with only the best brands in urban mobility solutions. If you’re looking for innovative brands like Vsett, E-Twow and Leaperkim, Inmotion and the likes you’re in the right place.

    Having travelled around the world to find the type of electric rides we can get behind, we’re pretty happy to introduce you to the range PET Wearables and Products Our intention is to hunt down products and wearables that are perfect for electric scooter, EUC and e-bike and e-skate enthusiasts. Plus of course a few branded tees, hoods and caps for the everyday! We expect this to grow as more great stuff comes our way and we are always searching for exciting new products that are practical and move things on for all of us.

    Handpicked by us for you

    At the centre of it all, we are a group of micro mobility enthusiasts who have been riding electric scooters, EUC, e-bikes and eSK8s for many years. In short, we know what works and we only sell what we personally would use. We literally put the personal in Personal Electric Transport. We are always on the lookout for products that are ideally suited for use with the equipment we sell. This runs through all our EUC, e-bike, electric scooter and e-skate accessories and especially applies to our branded products.

    Personal Electric Transport - The Workshop

    Unlike some online electric micro mobility spaces, at PET we actually have brick and mortar shops and workshops dedicated to maintenance and repairs. Need an e scooter repair job done by experienced mechanics? Give us a call or drop us an email and we’re more than happy to book you in. No sending back to China or overseas, all done right here in the UK.

    Inventing the future

    We always have one eye on tomorrow. If there is a better metaphorical mousetrap out there, we aim to seek it out. This could be something as simple as a t-shirt or something as revolutionary as a flying car (true to say you are more likely to see a really cool t-shirt here than an eclectic flying car but here’s hoping)!

    PET is a community and we always appreciate any ideas for products and design coming from our friends out there. If you think of something exciting that you believe is worthy of our support, make sure you come and talk to us about it! If you are a manufacturer or designer and you are looking for a partner then come and talk to us. Ultimately, we want to create a range of products and micro-mobility, electric scooter accessories that change the way we all think about transportation.

    Put simply, the better the products, the more cars and trucks will fall off the road in time. And that’s our mission, to contribute to solutions to curb the impact of climate change with it’s looming deadlines.

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