Nutt Hydraulic Brake Kit


Nutt Hydraulic Brake Kit


Set of 2 brake levers and brakes calipers with electric brake cutoff sensors.

  • Pre-bled and mineral oil.
  • Compatible with stock disc rotor. (rotors not included)

*Zero 10 needs to file the front fender to fit the brakes
*Zero 9 Kit comes with one set only – for the front wheel

Model :

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  • Specification

    Z9, Z10X, Z10

  • Description

    Ready for a break upgrade on your e-scooter or ebike?

    You know how Personal Electric Transport has an epic range of electric scooter accessories and replacement parts?
    Well at our workshop we’ve also been in the ebike and electric scooter hydraulic brakes game for quite some time. We’re all about keeping the community safe, which is a part of our mission to make personal lightweight electric vehicles a widely accepted mode of transport. We do this not only by stocking top grade electric rides and gear, but through expert upgrades and maintenance as well.

    PET “not so” regulars are into powerful machines and besides the necessity of excellent engineering, we thoroughly recommend upgrading their electric vehicles with hydraulic brakes and we recommend the same to you. With great power comes great responsibility. Unless going fast in an endless straight line is your typical journey, high quality ebike and electric scooter hydraulic brakes are an excellent choice for your ride.

    What exactly is a Hydraulic Brake and how is it different from the default mechanical disk brake?

    The default mechanical brakes use a cable to apply the brakes and just like with derailleur cables they can get stretched out and dirty which will affect braking performance. Mechanical brakes also don’t stop as good as hydraulic brakes, and some people even have issues with snapping cables on mechanical brakes or disc’s warping due to the smaller size of the disc in the default mechanical brakes.

    Hydraulic brakes use brake fluid and when you squeeze the brake lever it compresses the fluid and makes the brakes function. It also uses larger customized discs that are more resistant to warping. This method offers stronger and more reliable braking performance. Since hydraulic brakes are a sealed system you don’t have to worry about dirt and mud affecting your performance unless you get your pads dirty that is but that goes the same for mechanical brakes.

    As the Hydraulic system is sealed, dirt cannot get in to jam up the moving bits, making them virtually maintenance-free (replace worn pads is about all need doing)! Hydraulic systems are also easier to set up and adjust.

    Also, you should be keeping an eye on your brake pads, once you hit 1.5mm or less of braking material you definitely need to have them replaced. More efficient than mechanical disc brakes, Hydraulic brakes allow for more modulation as you can apply less pressure for loads of power. Particularly juicy for electric scooters and ebikes that go over 30mph, but also pretty cool for those that are cruisers rather than speed demons.

    We stock Magura and Nutt hydraulics brakes.
    Nutt hydraulic e-brake system is a high-end braking system made in Taiwan which provide more stopping power, are more durable, faster/more reliable and predictable pad retraction when releasing the brakes, and are virtually maintenance-free (apart from worn pads).These brands are tried and tested within the personal lightweight electric vehicle circles and are renowned for the safety and comfort they add to the ride experience. Magura especially, stands for passion and technical innovation, but most importantly for maximum safety and exemplary quality – for over 120 years. Of course e bike and scooter brake levers by nature are prone to wear and tear. They often rub up against things or bare the brunt of storage situations!

    We can also replace those if you’re looking for shiny ones at our workshop. And if you’re getting a total upgrade, it’s part of the parcel. Know what you’re doing in the mechanical department? We can send the brakes to you for you to fit them yourself. However, if you’ve never fitted brake before we do recommend that you take them to a professional as they are safety items and you really don’t want them to fail!

    Need help with your hydraulic brakes?
    Access to our workshop is only a phone call or email away and we’ll give you a hand with your scooter brake lever and even your scooter inner tube while we’re there if need be! If you live in London, you can book a time to bring your electric ride into the Leyton workshop and we’ll be able to answer any questions you have in person.

    Upgrade for ZERO 9 Front brake, ZERO 10 and ZERO 10X .



  • Brand

    We’re the Official Dealers of Zero Scooters UK

    The Zero electric scooter brand was created to raise mass awareness of their compact form of electric transport, while bringing joy to the experience.

    The Zero line was developed with the intention of being the most affordable range of high performance scooters on the market. Focusing on doing this without sacrificing design, quality and performance.

    Established in 2018 Zero Scooters has cemented its name and reputation as a reliable and innovative range of electric scooter. As a result it is continually ranked amongst the industry’s best in customer satisfaction and affordability.

    At Personal Electric Transport we’ve stocked the Zero Electric scooters as a part of our electric scooter adult range over the past 3 years. Rob and Mark actually visited the factory in Ningbo, one of the biggest factories in the scooter industry before making the decision to become the official dealers of Zero Scooters in the UK.

    This particular factory has without a doubt contributed to increasing the standard of quality across the board in the industry. Our selection for Zero UK Zero 8 is the super portable commuter model of the range and is celebrated as a great scooter in its weight category.

    The Vsett 8 is the replacement model for this travel buddy. Zero 9 is a really dynamic multimodal scoot that gives you loads of power while still being able to fit in the train and in the car boot.

    A large deck, all-round braking, suspension make the Zero 9 a comfortable ideal point to point scooter.

    What the PET community said about Zero electric scooters:

    “This scooter is awesome!Very quick, amazing build quality, excellent brakes, great lighting, wide deck and I got 13 miles out of it this morning with 2 bars left. It was full power with lots of hills and a little off-road.”

    With full hydraulic brakes to help handle the extra power, the Zero 10x presents an option for the extreme off road rider. It’s been a favourite within the community since its arrival and has lead to the development of the Vsett 10+.
    What the PET community said: “Great scooter, looks professional and easy to use. Love it.”

    Interested in the Zero range? You’re very likely to be keen on Vsett, their latest range. For the urbanites out there who are in need of something super portable, the E-twow electric scooter has solid engineering and a fantastic power to weight ratio. Not sure on which ride will be best for you?

    Give us a call, or better yet pop in to our shop in Leyton, London. Here you can take all of our electric scooters out for a test ride. Our experts will help you figure out which ride is perfect for you.

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