Apollo Phantom V3 Electric Scooter


Apollo Phantom V3 Electric Scooter


Introducing the Apollo Phantom V3 2023. This takes all of the best features of the V2 and adds so much more. The Mach1 controller increases the top speed, adds regen braking and delivers power more smoothly to the motors plus much much more!!

  • Upgraded 2023 version
  • Apollo's new MACH1 controller
  • New LX display
  • Quadruple spring suspension
  • 2-Yr warranty

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  • Specification
    Motor (Nominal)

    2 x 1200w

    Power (Peak)

    Max Speed

    (65 km/h), 40 mph


    Charging Time

    6-9 hours charging time with two chargers is 2-3 hours

    Range (Claimed)

    Range (PET real-world est.)

    25 mi / 40 km

    Display and app

    Proprietary display features double refresh speed of the previous model and more advanced features.

    The App provides total control for the rider. Acceleration strength, regen strength, security locking and ride tracking and much much more.


    Hydraulic brakes with 160mm discs + trigger controlled regen braking


    2000 lumen


    Quadruple spring suspension


    Hybrid (10" x 3.25")

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg

    Water resistance



    35 kg

  • Description
    Apollo Phanton V3 Display on a black background with the phone app on display

    Apollo’s new LX display delivers twice the brightness, a larger face and faster speed than any previous model. The anti-glare technology means your screen is crystal clear day and night.

    Your screen features include rider modes, speed dial, battery level, distance covered, remaining mileage and much more!

    Apollo App shown on mobile phone on a black background with the apolllo logo!

    The Apollo App is a real game changer. Personal preferences can be set including speed, acceleration and regen braking levels. Security is a major concern for scooter owners and the app allows the rider to remotely lock their scooter, even when they are not next to it. Great peace of mind for the rider!

    The App also allows the rider to track rides and navigate in real time, making journeys more efficient and more enjoyable!

    Apollo Phanton V3 Regen on a white background

    One of the best new features included with the V3 Phantom is the Regen braking function. The trigger allows the rider to use the power of both motors to slow the scooter down and put charge back into the battery. It has the added benefit of taking the strain off the disc brakes so less maintenance time and money. It can also be adjusted in the Apollo App for the rider to customize the braking strength they want.

  • Brand

    We believe the future us electric. It's better for us, better for those around us, and better for the environment. We started Apollo scooters on a bet that Canadians will follow the path to an electric future and we would give them the means to get there. Why scooters? We're not at all anti-bike or even anti-car, but simply fell in love with how fun and convenient electric scooters are. The thrill of seeing anyone from 16 to 60 years old hop on a scooter for the first time and ride it with confidence is one of a kind. Every day we get one step closer to our goal, of abandoning transportation mediocrity, and helping Canadians commute for less, while having more fun and doing good for the environment.

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