Electric scooter 30mph

Looking For A Fast Electric Scooter?

Contrary to popular belief, slow scooters can actually be more dangerous, especially if you’re having to keep up with cycle or motorised traffic.
Riding something that only goes 13 mph and being forced to be on the road can be incredibly daunting.

Imagine riding a horse on a track up against Formula 1 cars? As you can imagine it would be pretty terrifying. Putting an electric scooter that’s been limited to 13 mph up against cars that could potentially reach 120mph wouldn’t be viable.

Since we’ve opened at Personal Electric Transport in 2015, we’ve been completely committed to ensuring that our customers have access to premium quality scooters that make their lives easier and the environment cleaner.

When it comes to fast electric scooters 30mph or more, everything comes down to quality. If you have a fast scooter without proper engineering and excellent brakes then you’re riding something dangerous.
You really want to be purchasing your fast electric scooter from a reputable dealer, so that you know you’re getting exactly what you’ve paid for and not a cheap imitation.

As we often say at PET – Power is nothing without control.

For fast electric scooters 30mph or more you’ll want to have access to a workshop with experienced engineers who know exactly what they’re doing with these vehicles. Every electric scooter purchased at Personal Electric Transport has automatic access to our expert electric vehicle mechanics and engineers. This means brake maintenance will be a breeze.

Not only do you want control over your vehicle. You want control over the maintenance of your vehicle and not have to send it away overseas for any maintenance.

VSETT 9+ Electric Scooter
Described as the Rolls Royce of electric scooters, the Vsett 9+ has agile handling, great suspension and plenty of torque from its dual motors. It’s a scooter that is real-world quick while still making sense staying practical.

“Can’t get enough of this scooter. A lot faster than I thought. Halves my daily commutes into work and just a joy to ride. Very comfy as those suspension springs really work.”
– A PET Vsett 9+ Customer

Apollo Ghost Electric Scooter
The suspension and acceleration that Apollo are reknowned for are finally available in a smaller, more compact, and refined package. This dual motor electric scooter is great for riders who live in hilly areas.

Browse our electric scooter 30mph range and feel free to get intouch about any of the vehicles that tickle your fancy.

Check out our ranges of 40 mph fast electric scooter and 50 mph electric scooter in person at our shop in Leyton, London. All you need to do is book an appointment through the website.