Electric scooter 50mph

Looking for a 50 mph electric scooter?

At Personal Electric Transport our electric scooter selection ranges from 15 mph through to 50 mph electric scooters. Since our opening in 2015 we have strived to provide the e-ride community with high quality vehicles with cutting edge technology to keep the electric revolution rolling.

We know that electric scooters have surged in popularity since the global pandemic and have noticed that they are widely available on various online platforms. We do recommend however that especially in the case of purchasing a 50 mph electric scooter, it’s best to buy through a reputable dealer. This way you can be certain that what you’re buying with your hard earned cash is indeed the real deal.

There have been many occasions where someone has come to us because they’ve unknowingly bought a fake high powered scooter from an online platform. Unfortunately many of these are made without proper quality checks and the engineering design is often compromised. Also, when it comes to maintenance and repairs they have no-where to turn. Every electric scooter bought at Personal Electric Transport has access to the PET workshop. We have a team of expert electric urban mobility mechanics and engineers who are well equiped for all your service and repair needs. Actually after a 40 kph electric scooter? Check out our 40 mph fast electric scooter range instead. Whether you’re looking for a 30 mph electric scooter or at something a bit slower paced like our electric scooter 15 mph range, Personal Electric Transport has got something for you.

Take a look at theNAMI Burn-e Electric Scooter (code-name Viper) This beast of an e-scooter was created by Michael Shah.

With his long lived experience in the electric scooter industry, he took on board all the feedback he’s heard from the community over the years and put it into his flagship scooter, the Nami Burn-e. 11 inch wheels, robust frame with a carbon fibre stem with great locking mechanism, adjustable suspension, waterproofing and a great display and indicators really set it apart from many other hyper scooters in its weight class. This scooter features a low centre of gravity that pivots on its axis. This is a bit of kit that is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Still not sure what scooter is for you?

Feel free to give us a buzz and you’ll be connected with one of our personal lightweight electric vehicle specialists who’ll be able to point you in the right direction of the perfect ride for you. Our shop in Leyton is open for test rides, all you need to do is book a time and you can take any of our rides for a spin.