Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus 2024 (EY4, 35Ah) Electric Scooter


Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus 2024 (EY4, 35Ah) Electric Scooter


The Dualtron Eagle has been one of the most popular models released from Minimotors and the NEW Dualtron Eagle Ltd has now taken this to the next level! Improved range and speed give the 60V e-scooter added punch, improving on its predecessor the Eagle Pro.

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  • Top speed 52mph or 85km/h
  • 60V 35Ah LG battery!
  • New EY4 waterproof display
  • 2-YR WARRANTY backed by PET workshop (1-YR on battery)

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  • Specification
    Max Speed

    85km/h or 52mph

    Range (Claimed)

    Range (PET est.)

    30 mi / 50 km


    37.5 kg

    Power (Peak)


    Charging Time

    17hrs with stock charger, 7hrs with fast charger (not included)


    Adjustable, Rubber shocks, Front/Rear, Lever-arms


    Front/Rear, Disk, Hydraulic, E-brake

    Wheel Size

    10×3, Ultra-wide




    Brake light, Turn signals, Front LED, Rear LED

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg

    Folded Size

    117 x 61 x 56 cm

  • Description

    Improved range and speed give the new Dualtron Eagle Limited 60V e-scooter added punch, improving on its predecessor, the Eagle Pro. The Dualtron Victor Luxury Plus is, to date, one of Dualtron’s powerful electric scooters and one of the best ratio performance/quality/price currently on the market.

    The Victor Luxury Plus is equipped with two motors on the front and the rear capable of delivering 2000W of max output power each, for a total of 4000W. Enough to climb any stiff hill you may encounter.

    • Hydraulic disc brake system on the front and the rear (ZOOM).
    • 160 mm braking disks.
    • The physical braking system is paired with a patented highly performant magnetic/electric braking.
    • ABS
    • An even wider inflated 10 inches x 3.5 tyres (compared to the Victor and Luxury classic).
    • ECO/TURBO and SINGLE/DUAL multi-switch in order to give the rider maximum flexibility in the choice of the driving mode.
    • Stop lights.
    • Turning signals.
    • Reflective stickers on the front bridge.
    • Rear LED red/stop lights in the deck.
    • Automobile style red/stop light incorporated in the stylish footstep.
    • Folding double lock for better stability of the handlebar steering tube.
    • Bright headlights.
    • Electric horn.
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