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Sherman Motor Rim


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    Veteran Sherman Electric Unicycle By LeaperKim - A disruptor in the EUC world

    Occasionally, a product is launched which forces all other manufacturers to re-think. As a company, Leaperkim may be a newcomer to the electric unicycle world but their team is composed of experienced former Gotway employees. Since 2020 they’ve their flagship product the Veteran Sherman euc is already being ridden by riders all around the world.

    Unlike anything seen before, the Veteran Sherman is built exactly like the tank it is named after. Tougher, stronger, heavier and with more power and range than all before it. With the new upgrade, the best just got better! Safety has definitely been at the forefront of these designers' minds.

    You can tell at first glance from the steel roll cage bars. They not only add to the rugged look of the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle but also give a level of crash durability any rider would appreciate. It’s not just the speed, it’s the stability of the ride at high speeds which helps you go further faster. Sherman is function over form, and that has a beauty all its own. Leaperkim didn’t skip any tricks with this wheel and it’s apparent as the fit and finish is exceptional.

    If you’re someone who has been riding wheels for a while, you should definitely jump on the euc Sherman and feel the full power of this beast for yourself. We wouldn’t however recommend this particular wheel for your first wheel, unless you’re a well versed euc rider. If you think you’d be able to handle it as your first, definitely pop in and give it a go first. However, if you have experience riding ewheels, we’re pretty confident that you’ll enjoy the solid feel of this ride. Especially on long distance journeys, this thing takes cruising to a whole other level.

    “With the Sherman you don’t even need a destination…all you do is ride and before you know it, there you are…” - Larry Zarcoff

    “The Sherman EUC shines on the road” - Jimmy Chang

    We stock several brands such as kingsong, gotway and inmotion electric unicycles. If you’re more of a snowboarder than ski lover, we’re also an official dealer of the onewheel xr and onewheel pint and we definitely recommend you take a look at those as well.

    Give us a call and one of our euc experts will happily be able to answer any questions you have about the Veteran Sherman electric unicycle, or any other wheel for that matter.

    Why not book a test ride of the Veteran Sherman euc and the rest of our electric unicycle range? We’re located in Leyton in London and test rides are available from Monday through to Saturday.

    Leaperkim - Veteran
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