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The Future Is Urban Mobility At Personal Electric Transport

We’ve been championing solutions for urban mobility since 2015. We truly believe that these vehicles are leading the way to a brighter, better future.

It means being able to access education, culture, employment and leisure using safe, swift, environmentally friendly and affordable transport options. In urban areas, the way we get around is changing rapidly – we need sustainable innovations and new concepts for combining different means of transport.
– Connective Cities

As you can see, a simple solution to the problem that is urban mobility is micro mobility. To be classified as micromobility vehicles need to be: Lightweight (Under 500kg / 1100 lb) Powered by electricity Driven by users personally Micromobility devices include bicycles, e-bikes, electric scooters, electric skateboards, shared bicycles, and electric pedal assisted bikes.

Currently Europe and the USA are leading the way in adapting to the eRevolution with the UK embarrassingly lagging behind. With the trials taking off in London and around the UK, PET are doing our very best to speed up the legalisation of privately owned scooters. With the incredibly positive impact PLEVs have on thousands of people, we can’t see things staying the way they are. Not to mention the climate goals that are fast approaching… You can find out more about our campaign on our blog. The Future Is Electric It’s not hard to see that the future is on electric wheels.

They make sense for so many reasons. Convenience, affordability, environmental health in a multitude of ways. They fit into urban homes, which are generally smaller, and tight spaces with ease.

You can get from the office, to a cafe to meet a client without having to find a parking space because many of them can slip under a table. With no doubt it’s cheaper to run than a car and more affordable than public transport They are electric.

They don’t produce harmful co2 emissions and have a significantly lower carbon footprint in comparison to cars, motorcycles, buses and trains. It doesn’t make sense to move a 12 tonne carriage to transport 2 people. They don’t take as much energy to produce and don’t use much energy to move around. Come on now people, it’s obvious the future is now.

Whether you are looking to buy an EUC, ebike or buy an electric scooter online
Personal Electric Transport has a range that has something for you. You can even preserve cash flow and pay your electric vehicle off monthly with our electric scooter finance which all of our rides are eligible for.

If you believe in the Electric Revolution, make sure you book a test ride with us at PET in London where you can try out our range of high quality personal electric vehicles. Our micromobility experts are always happy to help.

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