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Polo is a centuries-old sport that normally is associated with horses. However, with the advancement of technology, new training techniques have emerged, one of which is the use of electric unicycles. Electric unicycles have grown in popularity as a means of transportation in recent years, but they can also be used as training tool for Polo players.


What exactly are EUCs?

Electric unicycles, or EUCs, are an innovative form of transportation that consists of a single wheel with pedals and is powered by an electric motor. While they were initially intended for commuting, they have also proven to be an effective training tool for polo players.


Benefits of Training for Polo with EUCs

There are several benefits to using EUCs for polo training, including:

  • Improved balance: EUCs require a great deal of balance to ride, making them an ideal training tool to help polo players improve their balance on the field.
  • Increased core strength: Riding an Electric Unicycle requires a lot of core strength, which is essential for polo players. The core muscles are used extensively in polo to help players maintain their balance while riding and swinging the mallet.
  • Enhanced footwork: Polo requires precise footwork, and EUCs can help players improve their footwork by practicing moving their feet quickly and efficiently.
  • Improved cardiovascular fitness: Polo is a physically demanding sport that requires good cardiovascular fitness. Riding an EUC can help players improve their endurance and cardiovascular fitness.


How to Implement EUCs in Your Polo Training

Here are some suggestions for integrating EUCs into your polo training:

  • Begin slowly: Riding an Electric Unicycle requires some practice, so begin with short rides and gradually increase your time and speed.
  • Focus on balance: While riding, keep your core active and your balance in check.
  • Footwork skills and exercises: Include drills and exercises that focus on footwork and moving swiftly and efficiently.
  • Keep track of your progress: Keep track of your progress over time, including riding time and distance, as well as general balance and strength.


What wheel to choose?

Small low-powered EUCs are not recommended for Polo because of the dynamics of the game, start-stop, quick acceleration and sharp braking. The minimum motor power we recommend is 550W and a 320Wh battery minimum for the junior riders and 1000W for anyone over <40kg. Wheel sizes start from 14″ and up to 18″ but Polo riders tend to go for 16″ because of the maneuverability and quick torque response.

  • Youth riders will be comfortable with small and lightweight EUCs like the Inmotion V5F or the Inmotion V8F These are ideal for Polo riders >40kg
  • The next step will be Kingsong 16S , a small but powerful wheel with a decent size battery and the well-known Kingsong 16X, the favorite of many, a rugged all-purpose wheel that is ideal for everyone.
  • Finally, something to consider if you planning to use the wheel for more than Polo training, the Kingsong 18XL, a slick powerful long-range wheel and the Inmotion V12HT, a powerful 100V EUC that can handle anything, adjustable pedal height and water resistant rated.


To summarize, EUCs can be an excellent training tool for polo players, helping them better their balance, core strength, footwork, and endurance. You can improve your polo skills by incorporating EUCs into your training routine. Why not give it a shot?