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As we surge forward into an age of technological wonders, even traditional sports like polo are getting a modern twist. Enter: E-Wheel Polo. While the principles remain consistent with its ancestral counterpart, the horses have been swapped for something a tad more electric – the Electric Unicycle or EUC.

What is E-Wheel Polo?

Drawing inspiration from the time-honoured game of polo, E-Wheel Polo brings the sport to the 21st century. Instead of thundering hooves, players ride on EUCs from premium brands like Kingsong and Inmotion. The result? A game that’s dynamic, environmentally friendly, and accessible to a broader audience.


Why Make the Switch?

-Safety First: Lower to the ground than a horse, the risks of severe injuries from falls are considerably reduced in E-Wheel Polo.

-Precision Play: EUCs, especially models like the KS16S, V8S, KS16X, KS18XL, and V12HT, offer a higher degree of control and precision. It’s like comparing a manual car to an automatic, where the electric unicycle does a lot of the balancing work for you.

-Eco-Friendly: EUCs are electric, meaning no greenhouse gas emissions. Plus, no need for vast stables or feed. A simple charge gets you in the game!

-More Inclusive: With models suitable for lighter riders, such as the KS16S or V8S, and options for older kids like the 16X or 18XL, there’s an EUC for everyone!


Differences with Traditional Polo

While the core gameplay remains, there are key differences:

-Line of the Ball: Due to the precision of EUCs, the ball line doesn’t need to be as strictly penalised.
-Manoeuvrability: EUCs can be controlled better than horses. With devices from brands like Kingsong and Inmotion, the gameplay becomes smoother.
-Player Safety: EUCs require protective gear, much like traditional polo. But with models suitable for different ages and weight categories, they bring in an element of versatility.


Maintenance is Key!

Just like you wouldn’t ride a horse without ensuring it’s well-fed and healthy, you shouldn’t ride an EUC without proper maintenance. We at PET (Personal Electric Transport) in Leyton stress the importance of regular service for your EUC. Trust in reputable dealers and workshops like us to ensure your electric unicycle remains in top shape for those thrilling E-Wheel Polo matches!


In Conclusion

E-Wheel Polo is set to be the next big thing in sports, merging tradition with technology. With brands like Kingsong and Inmotion leading the charge, it’s a sport that promises excitement, safety, and eco-friendliness. Ready to ride into the future?

Note: Always prioritise safety when trying out E-Wheel Polo. Ensure you’re equipped with the recommended gear and understand the rules of the game.

*Photo from Roda.Polo on Instagram.