KingSong KS16X



Speed: 50 km/h
Range: 100-120 km
Motor power: 2200W (max. 4200W)
Weight: 24.3 kg
Extendable handle
Automatic night lights


Model King Song KS16X 1554Wh
Color Carbon + Rubber black
Diameter 16 inches (16×3.0)
Maximal speed 50 km/h
Range 100-120 km
Motor power 2200 W (max. 4200W)
Battery 1554 Wh
Weight 24.3 kg
Maximal load 120 kg
Dimensions 570 x 495 x 180 mm
Height of the pedals 180 mm
Mobile application Android, iOS, Pebble Watch
Night lights YES
Braking light YES
Side LED lighting YES
Speakers YES (with subwoofer)
Extendable handle YES
USB charging port YES (x2)


KingSong Unicycles

Shenzhen King Song Sports Equipment Co. Ltd is a hi-tech manufacturer specializing in one wheel/two-wheel electric light vehicles. King Song has been manufacturing self-balancing technology since 2012.
KingSong Unicycles

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