Kingsong 18XL 2023 Electric Unicycle


Kingsong 18XL 2023 Electric Unicycle


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The new KS18XL has all the refinements seen in the KS16X but with an 18” diameter wheel better suited to longer rides. Larger diameter wheels sacrifice a bit of torque for improved ride quality and stability at speed. This is a great long-distance cruiser and packs 55 miles of real-world range.

Max speed: 31 mph (max cruise speed)
Range: Max 75 miles / Real-world 55 miles
Weight: 24kg

Summary: Large diameter 18” wheel for longer rides

  • 2023 model with upgraded pads and spiked pedals
  • Ultra-smooth ride with a extra range!
  • Demo available at our London store, book a test ride!

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  • Specification
    Max Speed

    31 mph / 50 km/h

    Range (Claimed)

    Range (PET est.)

    50 ml / 80 km


    25 kg

    Wheel Size



    2.5", Pneumatic

    Motor (Nominal)



    Charging Time

    9 hr


    RGB Display LEDs, Front LED, Rear LED

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg

  • Description

    Kingsong followed the introduction of the KS16X with a re-boot of its 18”, the KS18XL electric unicycle. This wheel incorporates many of the refinements first seen on its 16” little brother, including the 2200w motor and 1554ah battery combination.

    The drivetrain will allow the KS18XL to cruise at up to 31 mph with the large diameter 18” wheel providing smooth and stable long-distance running. Think of the KS18XL as a super comfortable mile-eating machine.

    The wheel features many of the same refinements that made the KS16X so popular – an ultra-convenient pull-out trolley handle is fitted with a motor cut-off switch, super-bright riding lights and LED accent lighting plus a 4.1 Bluetooth sound system.



    • 1554wh battery for up to 150km mileage per charge
    • Maximum Gradability of around 35°
    • Dual USB charging ports
    • Support USB plug and play
    • Front illuminating & rear braking LED lights for safer night riding
    • 12V cooling fan, ventilating speed varies to temperature and maximum climbing ability
    • KingSong App allows you to change various ride characteristics as well as view speed/battery level information
    • 4 Hi-Fi BT speakers and 12V power amplifier for music on the go
    • Real-time detecting of motor temperature to ensure safety riding
    • Smart BMS with balance and protection against overshoot, over-discharge, overcurrent, short circuit, overheating function
    • Tilt Protection of 45° to both left and right side. Motor stalls when over 45°

    Additional info:

    • Operating temperature: -10℃ ~ +60℃
    • Charger voltage: Input AC 80~240 V, output DC 84V/1.5A
    • Max Power: 4000w
    • Dimensions: 590mm (H) x 495mm (L) x 180mm (W)
    • Pedal Altitude (from the ground): 160mm
    • EUC port: Charging port x 2; Switch port x1; Light sensor port x1; USB discharge port x2 (one port support USB plug and play)
  • Brand

    Kingsong Electric Unicycles - Redefining Personal Electric Transportation

    The team at Kingsong are completely focused on bringing free, convenient and personalised green travel to users around the world. With the use of their SMT protection boards we can ensure the highest quality of components to change the way people move from A to B with a variety of fun green personal electric vehicles, such as their eucs and electric scooters. The ultimate goal being to eliminate the growing urban congestion issue, with the use of enjoyable micro mobility that integrates seamlessly with urban life.

    We’ve been fans of Kingsong technology since the early day on and their Innovation continues to positively surprise their fans. Kingsong euc design is considered to be the world's best. The company has a strong focus on safety, quality, performance and reliability. For these reasons, people continue to come back to Kingsong Electric Unicycles with every upgrade. From the Kingsong Electric Unicycle range we stock these models which resonate with the PET euc riding community.

    Rugged and torquey and  perfect for the off-road explorer in you. Kingsong euc really upped the ante with the production of the 16X. This model combines state of the art, high performance components across the board to result in a massively powerful ride and the peace of mind that comes with KingSong's attention to quality. Packed with tons of premium features for a truly convenient & comfortable ride like no other.

    KS18 XL
    The Mercedes S Class of Unicycles - An awesome reliable cruiser.  Surprisingly Kingsong’s KS-18XL takes a large 18 inch wheel design and fits it into a slim and portable package. With a new upgraded 2200W motor and huge battery pack you can cruise comfortably for incredible distances with no range anxiety. There must be some magic in the ratio of 18 inch wheel vs 1554Wh battery vs 2200W motor.

    This wheel ensures one of the smoothers rides you can experience, with extra large pedals to suit the extra large wheel it’s certainly built for comfort. Packed with all of the latest features, the King Song 18XL electric unicycle includes a built-in retractable trolley handle, full array of lights (front, rear, RGB customizeable side lights), 4-speaker sound system, and Bluetooth for music and data connectivity.

    The World’s First Suspension Wheel Like nothing ever done before in EUC design, the Kingsong S18 has motorsport written all over it. The exposed suspension is not just a talking point. It’s battery and controller components are suspended along with the rider to cut unsprung weight. This wheel is a super-agile performance wheel that brings a new dimension to off-road riding.

    Still not sure which of the Kingsong electric unicycle models is for you? That’s absolutely fine, get on the phone to one of our euc experts and we’ll help you figure out which wheel is perfect for your journey requirements and riding style. Better yet, come down to our shop in Leyton, London and get to know our Kingsong euc range. Or, if you’re after something a little less adventurous you can always check out our electric scooter 15 mph range.

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