InMotion V8F Electric Unicycle


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The InMotion V8 was introduced in 2016 and became the best-selling EUC ever created. Designed as a great all-rounder, it became the solid choice covering a multitude of applications. Fast, agile, stable and competitive range without a weight penalty, the V8 has been the wheel of choice for many in the EUC community.  The new V8F improves on the winning formula with more power for improved performance and more speed-headroom and a number of upgrades to the tire, pedals and casing.

Max Speed: 22 mph  (35 km/h)
Max Range: 30 ml (50 km)*
Motor Power: 1000w nominal / 2000w peak
Weight: 14.5kg

The upgraded best-seller just gets better!

  • New Improved F with more power and performance 
  • The original V8 was the best selling EUC ever built



Product Performance
Model V8F
Top Speed 35Km/h (21.75 mph)
Range 55-60km (34-37 mi)
Slopes 30°
Battery Rated Voltage: DC 74V
Maxmimum Voltage: DC 84V
LG Cells
Temperature -10℃/+60℃
Maximum Loading Capacity 120Kg
Charger Voltage Input: AC 90~240 V ,
Output: DC 84V、1.5A
Charging Time 4.5h with 1.5A
Rated Power 1000W
Maximum Power 2000W
Dimension & Weight
Dimension 538mmx462mmX 148mm
Package 555*270*590(mm)
Pedal Height 155mm
Tire 16*2.125in
Weight Net weight:14.5Kg
Port Charging Port*1
Display HD LED Display
Bluetooth 4.0
Speaker Power 5W
Charging One charging port with maximum 3A current
Light Effect 3 circles lights adjustable on app
Front Light Power 2W
Temperature Control System real-time monitor on the mainboard and motor
Motor 1000W motor with maximum 80N.m torque
Pedal magnesium alloy pedal with sand paper on top
Padding microfiber leather on both side
Mode Comfort Mode
Classic Mode
Standard Package Charger x1,Manual x1,Qualification x1,Warranty Card x1



Inmotion Unicycles

INMOTION is a global leading brand of short-distance personal transportation, the main drafting unit of national standards for self-balancing vehicles and the director member of the Chinese Self-Balancing Vehicle Patent League. It owned up to 70% core patents of global self-balancing vehicles. In 2017, it merged and acquiredSolowheel - the American self-balancing vehicle leader.
Inmotion Unicycles

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