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Mark spoke with Fully Charged Plus about our micro-mobility range and the future of transport about what’s possible with Personal Electric Transport options. Also about what’s legal and how we’re hoping to improve the sector.

The past 5 years have seen an exponential growth of micro-mobility in many of the world’s largest cities and PET sell a wide range of cool, innovative, green, portable and practical electric light vehicles.

These electric scooters, electric bikes, electric skateboards and electric unicycles offer sustainable transport solutions for urban mobility, commuting and leisure – all with zero emissions.

Find out more about how PET are working with the E-Scooter Defence Fund:…

Here’s what the Youtube crowd have had to say about our micro-mobility episode:

“It shouldn’t matter whether you’re sat on an e-bike or stood on an e-scooter / e-unicycle. The regulations should be the same. The fact that e-bikes are the only ones shown there that are legal to ride on the roads is ludicrous. And it doesn’t matter if an item of transport is electrically powered or not, people are killed every day using the roads and pedestrians are injured by idiots on regular bikes. The powertrain is irrelevant. User education and training is the key. But they need to be legal first and foremost.”

“I have a small e-scooter which I use, as Mark states, in the same way as a bycycle and agree with his suggestion for an amnesty. I follow e-scooter groups on Fb and see all the time reports of local police have a crack down on there use and it is perceived as being a soft target for easy crime figures.”

“Can’t wait for a Tory donor to front the new company that’s been ‘chosen’ to roll out an app for registering and regulating these things. I’m guessing another friend of the party will be chosen to offer insurance packages for them too. Obviously they’re going to need a tax payer funded operating grant to kick the whole thing off.”

” I think this should be on the main channel”

“These need to be legal. Maybe with a license for more powerful ones. Although in fact a personal vehicle that can keep pace with city traffic is safer than a cycle that is constantly obstructing normal traffic and needing to be overtaken.”

“Why is the UK government so slow in sorting out this legislation, not that it has stopped me in getting an electric scooter but there are people out there riding these things like idiots in the middle of town centres who need locking up as they present a danger to all people. The governments slow pace will not stop me from enjoying it, it is the law that is going to change and not me, these vehicles from electric bikes, scooters and more are the future they just need regulating so people know where they can be used.”

What do you think about the future of micromobility? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Get in touch with our team via email or over the phone.

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