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We’re making the electric revolution even greener by recycling your old tyres and putting them to good use.

You may already know that we’re interested in eco-friendly travel solutions. We believe in the freedom of green travel and the positive impact it is already making in the world. Regardless of the sluggish actions that politicians are taking towards reducing our CO2 and fighting climate change.

To make our efforts even more impactful for the environment and for our community, we’ve teamed up with Velorim tyre recycling. And you can be a part of the solution too.

Any of your old cycling or scooter tyres can be dropped off at PET and the team at Velorim will pick them up to be recycled. Yes, it’s that easy.

If you’re reading this you probably agree with the face that cycling and e-scooters are a fantastic solution to mobility and for the environment.

However, the only issue that makes makes a mark on the reputation of cycling and e-scooters is the tyre issue.

Every year, in the UK 44 000 tonnes of tyres and inner tube go to landfill, but Velorim has a solid solution to this issue.

They have been set up to manage the collection and recycling of inner tubes and tyre on a national basis.

By co-ordinating retailers, service engineers, hire schemes and third sector groups, Velorim are working together with us all to bring an end to the scrapping of tyres and inner tubes, once and for all.

All you need to do is drop them off at PET and Velorim will take care to disposed of them ecologically.

Cycling and scooter riding should be the greenest, most ecologically friendly mode of transport, let’s work together to make this so.

The Process

Since 2018 Velorim Ltd has been researching recycling methodologies to find the most appropriate for the bicycle tyres and inner tubes.

Bicycle tyres are shredded and granulated to separate them into their constituent: rubber, steel and fibre. Each of these have their own recovery destinations including safety flooring, construction and insulation. The most exciting output is that the rubber will be reprocessed into viable new raw materials known as Velo-Butylene™ and Velo-SBR™, both of which can be used to manufacture new products.

Apart from the above reprocessing routes, Velorim have ongoing R&D to identify new ways to safely reprocess every component of bicycle tyres and inner tubes. These multiple routes ensure safe and ecological recycling of scrap bicycle rubber to ensure:
– ZERO waste to landfill
– ZERO waste incinerated
– XERO waste exported

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