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Help! My  E-Twow’s Steering is Misaligned!

One of the members the PET online community recently commented on our E-Twow fender alignment video, saying that he needed help with aligning the steering on his
E-Twow electric scooter. We made this video to help him, but know that many people experience the same.

Just like in the case of fender alignment, sometimes the steering on scooters can go out of whack after a lot of use.

We have customers coming to service at Personal Electric Transport workshop with this issue so we know that while it’s quite annoying, but it’s not the end of the world, it takes less than a minute to a fix.

All you’ll need your trusty Allen Key and the know-how that we’re about to share in this video.

Here are the steps:

1. Position the scooter up right
2. Loosen the steering stem with #4 Allen Key, undo them to the point you can move the stem
3. Position yourself with your feet straight ahead facing the scooter and align the steer so that it’s dead straight
4. Once you’re happy, take the #4 Allen Key and tighten the bolts

😎Enjoy your ride!
⚡️Team PETRemember, if you try to do it yourself and aren’t getting any decent results, you’re always welcome to come visit our Leyton showroom and service centre on a Saturday, which is our walk-in scooter clinic day.If you’ve got any ideas for videos or blog posts that your would like to have us create then please do drop us a line and let us know.In the meantime here are some more electric scooter related bits you probably wanna know:PET Guide to Electric Scooter Maintenance