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Well you should get your electric scooter from PET of course!

Next question…?

OK, I realise that taking advice about where to buy a scooter from an electric scooter shop might seem a little pointless but bare with me!

We get it, there may be genuine reasons why you would want to buy from another store.  We may not have the right scooter for you for a start, or we may not have stock.  You also might want to buy from someone close to where you live.  Or it might just be my rubbish jokes…



Many people buying an electric scooter for the first time make the same mistake.  We see it all the time from our customers. People are used to buying consumer electronics like phones and laptops, and do not expect modern products to need maintenance.  So they get online, find the electric scooter they want at the cheapest price, click the purchase button and wait for their e-vehicle to arrive.

Problem is, an e-scooter is not like buying a phone, laptop or 52inch tv. By definition, an electric scooter has moving parts as it is designed to get you around.  These moving parts will require maintenance and things can go wrong.

Tires puncture and wear out.  Brakes and suspension systems will need attention and the folding mechanism might need adjusting from time to time.  And that is if nothing goes wrong.  Hard use on mean city streets put stresses on components that can cause failures.


So what should be your first questions when buying an electric scooter?

After 30 days, your consumer rights are somewhat diluted and, so without the backing of a competent reseller or distributor, you are on your own.  This could mean hours spent trying to email the manufacture in China and weeks waiting for potentially the wrong part to arrive.  We had a customer come to our Leyton shop,  poor guy  had to send his scooter to China to get a repair done, waited over a month and when it came back it was worse than before, this happened twice! Needless to say, he ended up at PET buying a scooter from us.

Moral of the story – chances are you’ll need to be able to make repairs yourself or find someone who will.

Nikos Repairing an Electric Scooter at the Personal Electric Transport Workshop

Most manufacturer warranties are pretty much non-existent and will not cover water damage.  A good reseller can help you navigate this potential minefield and keep you mobile.  Others will happily leave you with a very expensive ornament if your scooter goes wrong.

There are some really good guys out there but, unfortunately, there are some people lurking about who see this as a ‘get rich quick opportunity’.  So be careful.  And feel free to quiz us if you think you have found scooter nirvana but want to run things by us first!

And obviously come to us at PET first even if just for the bad jokes!

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