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Obviously this comes down to personal preference and subjective opinion.  However, I have ridden a lot of scooters a fair few miles so indulge me if you will!

There are essentially three types of e-scooter:

  • Ultra-portable – suitable for mixed commuting (part scooter and part public transport or car).  They need to fold quickly and weigh under 15kg

  • Point to point –  Heavier and more powerful, these scooters offer bigger batteries full suspension, upgraded brakes, bigger wheels (usually pneumatic) designed for longer distances.  All these features are at the expense of ultimate portability and flexibility. Main use for these scooters is to run from home to work and back on a regular basis.
  • Extreme/Monster – intended for sport rather than practicality.  Like a Ferrari, you can use them to commute or go to the shops but this is not the point!  Usually equipped with dual motors, these heavier, more powerful scooters are built either for outright speed or all-terrain ability.  They can weigh in excess of 50kg and are not for the faint-hearted!

The Zero 9 is the ‘on-size-fits-all’ scooter that has an answer to most questions asked by riders.  It is just about light enough at 17.5kg to be portable and still fast and comfortable enough to handle distance as a point-to-point scooter.  It is a well-judged solution to most transport conundrums. 

The Zero 8x fits into the extreme category of scooter.  However, it is slightly more compact due to its 8″ wheels and features folding handlebars to facilitate storage. It still weighs 33 kg and, although it will fold, it is not achievable in seconds.  It is not a practical scooter but it will fulfil a function should a rider really want the torque based thrills it will no doubt offer.

If you are looking for something that is fast but still practical enough to fold easily and go on a train occasionally, perhaps you should consider the Zero 10?  You can equip this scooter with upgraded hydraulic brakes which you grow to appreciate over longer distances. It has a lower ride height giving a more stable and comfortable ride.  Plus, 10″ pneumatic tires keep you safe in all weather providing plenty of grip for better handling.

And that leaves the Zero 10x and its larger sibling, the new Zero 11x.  These scooters make no apologies for their intended purpose – to thrill!  You could never describe them as practical with the 10x tipping the scales at 35kg and the 11x a portly 52kg.  However, you would never describe them as slow… The Zero 11x features a 72v drive system that pushes it to 100 km/h (should you find a suitably long private road).  The 10x is agile enough to make light work of forest trails with its ground-breaking lever arm suspension and dollops of dual-drive torque.

To really make the choice, you need to ride them.  PET has demo scooters and a private test facility ready for use 6 days a week.  Make use of them before you decide!

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