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How to Fix a Blinking Rear Light on E-Twow GT in 4 Easy Steps

Do you need to stop your E-Twow electric scooter from blinking lights like it belongs in an emergency services fleet?
Yes, it is a thing. Sometimes – usually after playing around the settings –  the E-Twow lights can go into blinker mode. While this setting may give more visibility, it does disable the brake light.
If you’re like us, you’d much rather prefer riding around with your brake light for safety’s sake.
We have the solution for you in four easy steps! Watch the video and follow the steps below.

These are the steps:

On the display –

  1. Hold the break

  2. Press power

  3. Press horn once

  4. Press power 4x

    Ta-da the light should stop blinking and you’re ready to ride your brake light enabled 🛴💨

    🤟Ride safe
    ⚡️Team PET



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