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Did you catch us  speaking about e-Scooter Law on GB News?

Mark spoke on GB News with Mike Rawson a former MET police traffic sergeant about e-Scooter law.
Interestingly enough Mike agreed that the popularity of the vehicles has outpaced the governments ability to legislate them.

At PET we believe that the way that we get around needs a bit of an overhaul.

Using 2 tons of steel to travel a mile or two down the road in an urban environment, in our opinion puts a lot of people’s lives at risk in terms of pollution and in terms of physics. E-scooters and e-bikes and micromobility or lightweight electric vehicles provide us with a solution for this.


Mike and Mark agreed that we need regulation of e-scooter law. We need we need the government to act. We’ve had plenty of time with these trials running that have proved again and again that e-sooters are as safe as bicycles and have a similar performance envelope  same. And providing they’re ridden with care with crash helmets and possibly an ID scheme

we can make this safer. Nothing is 100% safe, even walking isn’t 100% safe.


It’s quite frustrating that instead of targeting antisocial behaviour, this extreme crackdown on the vehicles has lead sensible people back into their cars and contributing to greenhouse gasses.

Doesn’t really sound like it’s in alignment with 2030 climate targets…but we’d be happy be proven wrong.

Watch the full segment here

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