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The best EUC Accessories are necessary for a comfortable ride, in this article guest blogger Yaseen gives his view on the New Grizzla Pads.

New to the market, Grizzla Pads are unlike any pads created before as they are a combination of torque pad and jump pad.
These EUC accessories are comprised of 4 individual pieces that are stuck on the side of a riders e-wheel, providing the ability to accelerate and break faster while helping a user feel “locked in”.
The locked in design combined with the L shape front pad helps significantly when trying to perform jumps or drops as well.

I have tried multiple pads (leather lean pads, stock Gotway pads and Inmotion pads) while riding EUCs and have clocked in more than 1k miles on each. The ability to position both the front position and rear position of a pad without cutting it is amazing.

The leather pads are super comfortable however it leads into another issue… it causes the riders legs to point outwards which leads  to a loose grip on their pedals.

What’s not so hot?
My one dislike however is the lack of a back block to help lock in the back of your foot while jumping. Another issue that I have noticed is the lack of height when using a large wheel like the Veteran Abrams.
This is however being added in the form of a newer model coming soon.

What are they made of?
Grizzlas are made of a rubbery TPU feeling material that is strong yet comfortable. With their contouring design the users leg is as close as possible to the EUC which helps to maintain stability and grip.

Overall the Grizzla pads are one of the best if not the best choice for many riders, it’s flexible rubber design helps provide comfort when torquing and breaking and it’s flexibility while positioning makes the pads accessible for any rider whether they want to feel locked in or have loose control of the wheel with some support.

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