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Click the “+” button and “-” button for 2 seconds in the normal starting state to enter the setting interface. The instrument parameters can be changed only if the password is entered. The default password is “0579”. 

Click the “+” and “-” to change the value, click the “ON/OFF” to switch the numerical position, and then click the “ON/OFF” to enter the function setting interface 

Click the ON/OFF to cycle from 1 to 5 setting interface, click the “+” or “-” to select the required parameter, and hold the “+” and “-” for 2 second to save and exit. 

8.1 SET1: KM/H & MPH 

Select KM/H or MPH for the speed and mileage, display will be the currently selected units display, the default value is KM/H. 

8.2 SET2: Wheel diameter setting 

Click“+”or“-” to select 10 inch or 8 inch, the default value is 10 inch. 

8.3 SET3: Cruise set 

Click “+”or “-” to select cruise function. The point used for speed display shining means cruise, the default is not value. 

8.4 SET4: Max speed limited setting 

Click the “+” or “-” button to select 12km/h, 18km/h, 20km/h, 

25KM/ h and unlimited speed. (the default is unlimited speed)

8.5 SET5: Starting mode setting 

Press “+” and “-” to enter password and to switch the numerical position. Then press “+” and “-” to starting mode setting. “0” means scooter put out power directly, “6” means scooter put out power after speed more than 6KM/H, the default value is “6”.


The error code is corresponding with the fault definition. 

Error code definition 

0 normal 

1 Current error or MOS damaged 

2 Throttle error(Start detection) 

3 motor no phase position 

4 Hall error 

5 Brake error(Start detection) 

6 Under voltage 

7 Motor stalling 

8 communication controller receiving error 

A communication display receiving error