E-Twow Booster V 36V 10.5Ah Electric Scooter

£995.00 £795.00

E-Twow Booster V 36V 10.5Ah Electric Scooter

£995.00 £795.00

Lightweight and compact, this rapid scooter offers unparalleled flexibility. Weighing just 11kg, stairs are not a problem. Compact dimensions allow it to be taken onto trains and buses as well as easily fitting into a small car.

Max speed: 20 mph
Max range: 25 miles
Weight: 11.3kg

Summary: Light, compact, highly portable with no compromise on speed and range. Fits easily into your lifestyle.

  • 2 YEARS WARRANTY only available from PET as official UK service partner
  • New model wider rear wheel
  • UK/EU Plug Included
Colour : Black

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    Nothing fits into your life like an E-Twow S2 Booster. Compact, light, a long range and fast, the S2 Booster is like a Swiss army knife’ that can go anywhere with you.

    This is the 5th generation S2 Booster from E-twow, and features a whole host of refinements. This Booster V model features a slightly larger battery for more range and a new motor offers a higher top speed. Full suspension offers a comfortable ride and as well as being agile due to ultra compact dimensions. A free carry handle attaches to the stem for ultra-portability.

    PET is UK official service partner for E-Twow and offers a full 2 year European warranty (unique in the UK). No one beats us on price and no one offers our comprehensive support package.


    Max speed: 20 mph
    Max range: 25 miles
    Weight: 11.3kg
    Size :   94 x 14 x 116cm / folded: 95 x 14 x 30cm
    Wheels: 8.5” solid tyres
    Suspension: Front/rear shocks
    Brakes: electric regen ABS front, manual foot brake rear
    Motor: 500wt
    Battery 36v 10.5amp (Recharge time 3hr)
    Lights: Integral front 6x LED
    Controls: Cruise control function and regen braking control
    Grade Ability: 25-degree slope (15 mph)

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