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Woman holding Helmet and Etwow GT

Micromobility changed Kayla’s life and it will change yours too.

“Scootering around has been my way of life, my safety and the main reason I was able to step on the ladder and progress into qualified jobs to make myself valued within my field.”

Like most people arriving in the UK, at first I was living on a tight budget. I was always tired and unable to grow personally or professionally because I had to be so penny conscious.

When I invested in my first e-scooter, everything changed. I knew I’d be saving money, but I got my life back in many unexpected, pleasantly surprising ways.

  • My travel time dramatically decreased! No more hours upon hours wasted in peak time traffic. No more waiting for night buses that never arrive on time
  • I had more energy! The quality of my work increased because I wasn’t fatigued by the time I got to work. Focusing was easier and I could do things I enjoyed afterwork
  • I could grow my business! Apart from keeping expenses down, I could track my books and even invest in courses for professional development. I could make appointments across the city with ease, cool, calm and collected
  • Greater sense of safety! Working unsociable hours and traveling on my own as a woman is scary. I was always afraid and avoided dark areas as I felt unsafe getting home. On my electric scooter I easily escaped many dangerous situations that I wouldn’t have been able to on foot or on bike

The truth is micro mobility is here to stay.

Whatever the government has to say, these very small personal vehicles, are an environmentally friendly transport solution.
They take up very little space, aren’t noisy and don’t produce emissions. In a city like London they are also storable virtually anywhere, making them theft-proof!

I find it ridiculous how something that was “permitted” before, is now prosecuted as if getting around is a criminal act. All I want is to have a normal life, but in a cost effective and safer way for my integrity.

I cannot tell you how many times I have escaped danger by having my scooter. The amount of times I have been attacked or nearly been a mugging victim when I don’t have my scooter with me is too many to count. Only a couple weeks ago, I had to confront not one but two men in two different places on the same night to keep my friend and me safe!

For many others, especially the people I was surrounded by at the beginning of my e-scooter journey – people who didn’t even speak a single word in English, working in pretty hard and poorly paid jobs – micro mobility and personal lightweight electric vehicles are a way to give them back dignity and a sense of equality.

Without my scooter I would still be living in a hostel watching my pocket to see if I could afford a sandwich with my friends or not.

Sooner or later the government will have to wake up to the fact PLEVs are a viable solution meeting emissions targets and prevent the devastating impact of climate change. Micro mobility like electric scooters are good for the environment and improve the quality of life for every rider who uses them.

They need to get a move on with regulations so that we can all enjoy a better environment and a better life.

If you’re curious to see how micro mobility can change your life, give it a go. I promise you the possibilities are endless.

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