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How to change in between speed modes on E-Twow S2 Electric Scooter.



Start with scooter off, press and hold brake then power on with button on the right.
Immediately press the throttle lever to full the following number of times then release all.

(Number of presses) Action
(2) Cruise control 

(3) Power from a stop 

(4) No speed limiter 

(5) Speed Limiter 25km/h 

(6) Speed Limiter 20km/h

(7) Not Used
(8) Speed Limiter 12.5km/h



Now that you’ve adjusted your speed settings, take a look at these awesome accessories that have been making our riders journeys even more enjoyable.


TOP 5 E-Twow e-Scooter Accessories

1. Helmet – Lumos Ultra

Protecting your head is paramount with any form of micromobility.
We recommend the ultra light Lumos Ultra which has front and rear lights with turn signals to add to your safety.

2. Carry Bag & Carry Handle

If you thought your E-Twow couldn’t get any more portable…guess again!
The E-Twow official carry bag and carry handle make taking your e-scooter around even easier. Get these low key gems and face stairs and train journeys with a smile.

E-Twow Collapsible Trolley Bag electric_scooter_Shop_Personal_Electric_Transport_UKElectric_Scooter_Shop_Accessories_Parts_Personal_Electric_Transport_UKElectric_Scooter_Shop_Accessories_Parts_Personal_Electric_Transport_UK


3. Extra Light – Pixel and Ultratorch 500lm

Visibility is always key to safety and also makes night rides even more fun. The Pixel and Ultratorch models are a cinch to fit onto your E-Twow or even your backpack. Be seen and see more on your ride with some extra lighting.


4. Phone Holder – Gub g-85L

Fit a phone holder and go anywhere and get there the taking the best route with your phone’s GPS. It’s that simple. We like the GUB models as they’re effortless to fit.



5. Gloves – Geomatic and North shore

Gloves aren’t one of the first accessories that come to mind for most e-scooter riders but they certainly make every ride that little bit more enjoyable. Especially when you’re venturing out in beautiful weather and discovering new routes. Geomatic and North Shore are both high quality yet affordable. Grab some for yourself while they last at incredibly low prices!