Which Adult Electric Scooter you Should Buy?

If you currently look the most popular electric adult scooters, there are two models that dominate the European market: The E-Twow S2 Booster and Egret One-S .

Both offer an impressive range of functions and both bring you in style from A to B. But what Scooter offers you more for your money?


Walberg Urban Electrics’ EGRET provides high-quality, contemporary and effective answers to the individual needs of urban mobility. Walberg Urban Electrics is base in Hamburg, Germany. The E-TWOW – “Electric Two Wheels” brand is part of a large international concept, with headquarters both in China and Europe, focused on offering a new era in urban mobility, through their ingenious electric vehicles. A new era in Urban mobility.


For big urban areas, it is important to have a scooter that can be easily folded up and lift when you get on the bus, the tube or train.

In small, medium size cities could became a real alternative to public transport.

Although the E-Twow Booster and the Egret One S can indeed be both folded very easily (and similar size ),  the E-Twow has a clear advantage when it comes to the weight: At 10.8 kg, the Booster the lightest self-propelled electric scooters on the market.

The One S on the other hand, weighs 16 kg (what feels compared with the booster like a sack of bricks). And while you do not notice the weight when driving, one perceives it quite clear when it is time to lift the scooter.

The Booster also have a usefull belt to carry your Scooter on the shoulder, or when belt is removed also a very usefull handhold to carry your scooter in one hand! Carry Belt E-Twow

Both brands have wheeled carrier bags in accesories for long distance transport.



For the usual daily use both take you to destination (and back) without in between recharge.

However, the booster provides a significant advantage in terms of coverage compared to the one-S:

The booster will take you far up to 30 km before you have to recharge it.

Compare this with the One S, which has the range of 20 km, less than all e-scooters, which we tested.

But do not forget that this is the range under testing (no headwind, no gradients, minimum stopping and a driver weight of 70 kg).

In the real world we have 20-25 km from the booster (still more than enough)  and acceptable 13-16 km from the One-S.


Battery & Power

The One S is powered by a 36V 8Ah LiFePo4 battery and a 250 watt motor.

The booster derives its strength from its 33V 6.6Ah Li-Po battery, coupled with a powerful 500 watt motor.

While both scooters offer similar performance, the booster has a great advantage when it comes to the charging time. The Boosters 3.5 Amp “fast charger” allows you to fully charge the battery in just 2 hours (the fastest time among all electric adult scooters).

The One S on the other hand needs 6 hours, during work hours (or overnight) until the battery is fully charged.



The booster is equipped with two brakes :

One recuperation front (KERS, the battery recharges every time you brake) and a manual friction brake rear (like a regular kick scooter, for additional braking force).

The One-S has only a single drum brake the back wheel.


Wheels and suspension

Both scooters have puncture-resistant, solid rubber wheels. However, we are dealing with a case where size really plays a role: With larger 200 mm wheels the Booster offers a much smoother ride than the one-S.

The significantly smaller 160 mm wheels of one-S provide a much bumpy driving experience than the Booster (especially on asphalt and roads with cracks and holes).

Both, however, are equipped with dual suspension, with shock absorbers on the front and rear wheels, which contribute to a softer ride.



We are big fans of the design of the one-S. With a sleek, modern look, colored rim inserts and an apron, which flows directly over the rear wheel, the One S looks cool. it also feels robust.

The design of the booster is also top-notch. His thin footboard and the rear friction brake make him appear as a conventional scooter .

Both are solidly constructed from high quality aluminum. Where we have noticed that the handles on Booster become slightly wobbly while driving than in one-S, the Egret One S feels robust.

The booster is available in four colors (white, black, green or gray), the One-S in two (black or gray).



A feature that we love the Booster, is the integrated front and rear light:

The spotlight is a bright LED lamp that illuminates your path you. And the rear lights are wired so that they light up every time you brake. He also has a Horn-button, which is integrated into the display (Note: the sound of the horn is a bit annoying and we do not use it too often).

The One S has no lights (and no horn).however, it has a handy little kickstand.

Both have lots of extra accessories to choose from, Shopping Basket, Carry Bag


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  1. Paul Smith

    Is the etwow booster definitely legal
    to use on the road in the UK?
    Is it different to the versions in
    China? (i.e. lowered speed limit)?

    1. The Electric commuter

      Hi Paul, sorry for my late reply, none of this vehicles are road legal in the UK. We recommend it use anywhere where road traffic rules and regulations do not apply. This may include: Private property, harbour areas, airport and exhibition grounds as well as parks and woodland areas, depending on the signs posted. Europe-wide on-road approval is expected within this year 2016.

      There is not difference on aesthetics or quality, yes on power and speed, for EU there are limited to 250 Watts of power and 15.5 miles/h on speed.

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