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The Faraday Battery Challenge: Cleaner, Greener Transport

We all know petrol guzzling cars are wreaking havoc on our environment. In fact, the transport sector is guilty of

The Smartest Electric Scooter for 2019

Inboard Technology, the creator of the best-selling M1 Electric Skateboard, recently announced its newest product, the Glide Electric Scooter Inboard

ZERO Scooters. ZERO Emissions.

The ZERO series represents a simple yet powerful message: ZERO Emissions. With a budget to match that simplicity, the ZERO

Storing or using electric scooters during winter.

    When the scooter is being used in winter, the battery must not get into contact with water, humidity, sand

Egret-TEN V2 vs Egret-TEN what’s new?

The EGRET-TEN V2 is the latest model from Egret but what are the differences to the predecessor EGRET-TEN?  We compare both

Segway close the Last Mile loop

    Segway announces the safe, green and smart CityGo Last Mile System   This year at IAA 2017, the

New Ninebot Kickscooter by Segway

Segway, the king of personal transportation devices, has released a new Ninebot series of scooters, as part of its Segway

New ONE Z Electric Unicycle from Ninebot by Segway

After two years of waiting, the leading electric mono wheel manufacturer, NINEBOT (the owner of the SEGWAY brand and technology)

EGRET New e-Scooters Coming to UK

The New EGRET TEN V2 The Egret TEN, for those who don’t know it, is the “Mercedes” of electric scooters. It