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Blinking Rear Light E-Twow GT

COVID19 Update

Update 24/03/2020 Hi, This is Rob, Mark, Vlad, Nikos & Tomek here from PET, we hope that everyone is safe and well. Many of you are relying on micromobility, your scooters, e-bikes and wheels (EUC), to get around during the COVID-19 crisis. We also appreciate that some of you could be on the front-line or […]

So, you are looking at a Zero scooter. But which one?

Obviously this comes down to personal preference and subjective opinion.  However, I have ridden a lot of scooters a fair few miles so indulge me if you will! There are essentially three types of e-scooter: Ultra-portable – suitable for mixed commuting (part scooter and part public transport or car).  They need to fold quickly and […]


Zero 9 UPDATED! We are excited to announce that the new Zero 9 scooters have landed, we have been waiting a couple of months for these! The Zero 9 now comes in two flavours. The original has been upgraded with a new LG 13ah battery together with some minor improvements to the fit and finish. […]

Egret 10 Display Settings

FUNCTION SETTING  Click the “+” button and “-” button for 2 seconds in the normal starting state to enter the setting interface. The instrument parameters can be changed only if the password is entered. The default password is “0579”.  Click the “+” and “-” to change the value, click the “ON/OFF” to switch the numerical position, […]

Zero Scooter Starting Guide

Settings Sheet Here are some suggestions: P2   – switch to Mph/Miles P9   – turn on Kick to start feature – this will avoid accidentally grabbing the throttle whilst off the scooter and putting it into a wall (it has been done, trust me)! P11 – e-brake set to 3 to introduce a bit […]

Winter & Battery Care

Here are a few tips for dealing with your lithium-ion batteries in the cold whatever it’s an electric scooter or an electric skateboard or even just an electric bicycle, these batteries you’re gonna treat all of them the same when it comes to cold-weather stuff and here are our tips for you. Charging You should […]

How to persuade your boss to let you e-scoot to work (and park it there!)

At Personal Electric Transport, we believe that e-scooters are the future. Not only for a ride around the city or an afternoon with your friends but for travelling from A to B and reducing your impact on the environment. Indeed, it’s much better on the planet to ride around on an e-scooter than hailing an […]

The Faraday Battery Challenge: Cleaner, Greener Transport

We all know petrol guzzling cars are wreaking havoc on our environment. In fact, the transport sector is guilty of contributing to most of the greenhouse gas emissions in the UK! That’s why making the move to rechargeable, battery-powered, electric vehicles is so important. While electric cars and scooters are becoming more popular, electric vehicles […]

The Smartest Electric Scooter for 2019

Inboard Technology, the creator of the best-selling M1 Electric Skateboard, recently announced its newest product, the Glide Electric Scooter Inboard recently raised $8 million in Series A funding to develop pioneering urban transportation solutions. The Glide Electric Scooter will be the most technologically advanced electric scooter on the market, featuring regenerative braking, a swappable battery, […]