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or rideable


  1. capable of being ridden, as a horse.
  2. capable of being ridden over, through, etc., as a road or a stream.


Electric skateboards, unicycles, scooters, rocketskates, hoverboards, ebikes: high tech rideables have arrived. Personal transportation comes in an ever-growing number of forms these days. Sure, we’ve had bikes and scooters and skateboards for a while, but now we can add motors (and the internet?) to anything with wheels. This progress could be revolutionary, but so far, no one has lived up to the Segway hype of changing how city planning is done.

Portable Vehicles or Rideables are a category of transportation that is emerging . Is bycicle a rideable? No. Well, in general terms, it is. But not within the context of this trend. For us a product to be considered a rideable it needs the following characteristics:

  • Weight less than 10 kgs (this is a limit for what people can carry)
  • Aside from the weight, it needs to be carried with a hand easily if you cannot ride on it
  • Fits easily under the seat on a bus/train/public transit or it can be carried on your legs or between your legs
  • Self-powered/electric or use any energy source other than the human that is riding on it
  • It can go on roads, sidewalks or inside buildings (malls)
  • It can go for at least 10 kms without the need to be recharged
  • Fast enough to cover 3 kms (the last-mile) in less than 25 mins
  • Comfortable enough to ride it for 25 mins without feeling tired or unconfortable
  • Easy to learn and ride for the first time in no more than 5 hours
  • Can go through obstacles that are at least 4 cms height