Gotway Msuper 18″ v2


Only for advanced rider of EUC`s, Great for off road fun and serious long commutes. EUC extreme for professional electric unicycle riders.





Weight: 17.3 Kg – 18, 3 kg (680Wh – 850Wh)

Max speed:. 34 km / h / warning is achieved already at 23 km / h

Max payload persons: 100 Kg

Range: max. 50-70km (680Wh – 850Wh)

Grade: 33%

Tires: 18 “inches, Tubular

Battery: 680 – 850Wh.Lithium ions

App application: Android

Charging voltage: 230V – 50Hz

Power: 1000 – 3000 max. watt

Charging time: 3,5 – 4,5 hours.

L / B / H: 56,6cm / 36 cm / 48cm

Certificate: CE / indicator

Redefining the human way to travel

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Gotway Unicycles

Gotway is one of the newer manufacturers to the already crowded industry. GotWay electric unicycles are designed for the extreme rider. These electric Unicycles are the fastest and longest range on the market.

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680w/h, 850w/h