NAMI Blast MAX (40Ah) Electric Scooter


NAMI Blast MAX (40Ah) Electric Scooter


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The Nami Blast is a drag-racing monster that is so fun to ride you will never want to get off!

  • 60V 40Ah battery with 21700 LG cells
  • New front fork design
  • Fully adjustable hydraulic coil shocks
  • Incredible torque due to a new controller design
  • Water resistant IP55 and IP65 Rating for peace of mind
  • 2-Yr warranty from PET
  • Specification
    Max Speed

    85km/h or 52mph

    Range (Claimed)

    Range (PET est.)

    45 mi / 75 km


    45 kg

    Motor (Nominal)

    1500w x 2

    Power (Peak)


    Charging Time

    7.5 hours with 5ah fast charger


    Hydraulic coil shock with rebound adjustment


    Logan, Nutt, Front/Rear, Hydraulic

    Wheel Size



    Tubeless tire CST Slick, Hybrid and Offroad available


    2000 lumen front led light, / Side LED strip integrated with turn signal / Motorcycle horn / IP55

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg

    Speed (Maximum)

    > 50 mph

  • Description
    Nami Blast electric scooter battery


    One of the standout features of the Nami Blast MAX is its ultra advanced battery system. The Blast MAX boasts a 60V 40Ah LG Lithium battery with 21700 cells. These are far more dense than the 18650 cells so can store more energy in the same/similar space.

    This allows the Blast to be ridden for hours and hours. Forget range anxiety, you will get tired before the Blast MAX does!

    Nami Blast e-scooter folding clamp


    The Blast MAX has a quick lock folding mechanism that is super easy to use for when you need to pack it down for storage or transport. Forget the rocking or creaking stems you find on low quality scooters, the Blasts stem is rock solid so you can rest assured your ride will be safe and smooth.

    Nami Blast escooter side profile


    The Blast max is a drag racing beast and the torque is insane. The quality of NAMI is getting better and better and these new electric scooter models have raised the bar again. The lowered deck and wide footplate help the rider stick to the surface at speed and cling to the corners.

    Nami Blast electric scooter front suspension


    The revolutionary “reversed” suspension has ben designed to handle bumps and undulations with ease and keeps the scooter gliding across the ground. The KKE Hydraulic Coil Shock Suspension boasts rebound adjustment for multi terrain riding and preload adjustment to suit different rider weights.

    When the Blast is viewed from the side, the forward protruding swingarm gives the scooter the look of a sprinter waiting to accelerate, it really looks like its ready to take off!!


    The large, clear display has a ton of new smart features. These include 5 rider including the ability to customise a ride mode to suit your style. The two speed controller settings are independent which allows the rider to adjust the acceleration power of the front and rear motor individually. What e-scooter is complete without cruise control for those long rides and it even boasts a built-in overheating protection system.  As well as all these cool features as well as many more the display even has an IP65 Rating!

    Nami Blast escooter headlight


    Light up the sky! The Nami Blast Max boasts a 2000 lumen front LED light which is fixed at handlebar height, side LED strips integrated with turn signals and horn which are either side of the deck. These all come with a comforting IP55 rating for peace of mind,

  • Brand

    New Age Mobility Innovation. These four words sum up NAMI’s ambition to design, develop and manufacture high-end / top of the line electric scooters and mobility vehicles.

    Nami Electric
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