Dualtron Mini Limited 21Ah 2023 Electric Scooter


Dualtron Mini Limited 21Ah 2023 Electric Scooter


The Dualtron Mini 21ah electric scooter is a must-have for serious riders. The lightweight, compact design provides excellent portability but keeps the aggressive look and performance that has made Dualtron a market leader.

New for 2023, the Dualtron Mini e-scooter now includes a double front and rear drum brake!

  • Long range LG 21Ah battery
  • Max speed 30mph
  • 2-YR WARRANTY backed by PET workshop

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  • Specification
    Motor (Nominal)

    Rear, 500w


    Range (Claimed)

    Max Speed

    30 mph / 50 km/h


    Dual drum brakes


    Dual spring

    Folded Size (Length)

    1267 x 480 x 210 mm


    8.5" wide tyres


    LED column illuminated, Front LED, Rear LED


    22 kg

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    120 kg

  • Description

    The Dualtron Mini Electric Scooter is not your average e-scooter. The classic Dualtron features we all know, and love are still prevalent on the Mini, just in a more compact package! The DC 500W brushless motor delivers a great deal of power, meaning that the Mini electric scooter can reach speeds of up to around 32mph and still handle most hills out there. Front and rear spring suspension coupled with the rear footrest make each journey a comfortable experience.

    The stem on the Dualtron Mini 21ah is the same as the 13ah where it has great brightness and helps visibility on late-night rides. The foldable system allows for you to promptly pack your e-scooter at a moment’s notice. It includes a large surface area footrest with high-quality grip tape to ensure stability while riding.

    The difference between the 21ah and the is the range. The range is such a big factor as it means you will not only be able to go further on a single charge but will have to charge it less. The Dualtron Mini 21ah come with 3 modes for speed to suit any riding style. The large wheels allow the e-scooter to tackle better obstacles run into while riding.


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