Electric scooter 20mph

Looking For A 20 mph Electric Scooter?

At Personal Electric Transport we’re huge advocates for the 20mph scooter. The reality is that most bikes go more than 20mph and if you aren’t able to keep up with bikes then you’re probably not going to feel comfortable.

The E-Twow range is built with European engineering and made to an incredibly high standard at their factory in China. Rob and Mark were impressed with the calibre of their manufacturing facilities when they visited in November 2019, that’s miles a head of any other in the industry.

E-Twow scooters boast superior battery technology that no other brand has caught up with. Plus with solid tyres, you’ll never worry about punctures. For it’s weight class there’s really nothing that can compare with these portable travel buddies. Their slim build and 12.5kg weight, means that they fit well in the trains and car boots and can be carried up stairs easily. Are really great for hilly areas and have decent range.

What the customers have said:
“My second Etwow, I have the GT for slightly longer commute and this one when just a few miles are needed. So light, fold so small I couldn’t be without these now. Don’t miss the crowded tubes one bit!…” – PET Booster S+ Customer

“Perfect scooter in size, weight, build, and power. Add it’s fast changing and you will find it hard to find a scooter to match it.” – PET Booster S+ Customer

“Love this little baby pure happiness Best thing I’ve bought in years” – PET E-Twow GT Customer

Another great scooter in this category, the Vsett 8 is a really comfortable ride with great power.
As the Little sibling of the Vsett range, it comes with all the bells and whistles as the bigger. Indicators, locks, keycard

What the customers have said:

“Fantastic scooter for commuting, so impressed with VSETT brand il be buying the vsett 10+ soon as my “fun” scooter.”

“You wont be disappointed with the VSETT 8. Much better quality than other scooters for same price. Ninebots etc just feel like cheap plastic in comparison.”

From the looks of it you’ll think it belongs in the fast electric scooters 30mph category! This portable e-scooter can reach speeds up to 25mph, however it can be limited to stick to the electric scooter 20mph category and features a really convenient cruise control option.

We also stock 40 mph fast electric scooters which aren’t for the faint hearted. These include the Vsett 10+ Apollo Ghost and the Nami Burn-e.

Not sure which from the electric scooter 20 mph category is right for you? The best way to find out which scooter is the best for you is by giving us a call, or booking a test ride at our shop in Leyton, London. Our amazing personal lightweight electric vehicle specialists will happily take you through our range and guide you to the best vehicle for you.