Apollo City Pro V2 Electric Scooter


Apollo City Pro V2 Electric Scooter


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The New Apollo City Pro is even more refined!

  • New handlebar indicator lights
  • 2X brighter headlight
  • All new throttle
  • Fully enclosed folding latch
  • Even better IP water resistance (IP66)

Please note this model has the 18ah battery. It also includes the other great features that made the 2022 model such a hit – Dual 500w motors, integrated display, triple suspension system, in app control and self healing tyres!

This scooter comes with the upgraded 2023 charger.

  • New handlebar indicator lights, new throttle, new folding latch
  • 2X brighter headlight, new 2023 charger
  • Dual 500W Motor with 32mph top speed
  • Dual drum brake and regenerative brake
  • 18Ah battery with claimed 38-mile range
  • Improved water resistance - IP66
  • 2-year warranty with PET workshop support
  • Specification
    Motor (Nominal)

    Dual 500W

    Max Speed

    30 mph / 50 km/h


    Range (PET real-world est.)

    25 mi / 40 km


    Dual drum brakes, Electronic brakes


    Turn signals, Front LED, Rear LED

    Wheel Size



    Dual spring suspension


    26 kg

    Load (Max Rider Weight)

    100 kg

    Charging Time

    6 hr

    Water resistance rating


  • Description
    ESG award combined

    Award winning

    The Apollo City Pro has been gaining recognition from esteemed publications, earning accolades such as the coveted ‘Integrated Design’ and best ‘Rain or Shine’ awards from Electric Scooter Guide. Notably, it was honored with the prestigious title of ‘Best Electric Scooter 2022’ award by Tomsguide.com.


    The Dual 500w motor, boasting an impressive 500 watts of power for each motor unit, has been masterfully crafted and optimized to provide a high level of performance, delivering you the top speed of 32mph. This makes the City Pro 23 the perfect choice for those who seek the perfect balance between raw power, precision control, and extraordinary efficiency in their electric ride.


    Apollo’s City Pro scooter is perfect for the UK, featuring a commendable IP66 water resistance rating, ensuring a safe and smooth ride in any weather.

    apollo escooter tyre


    The 2023 Apollo City Pro model impresses with its self-healing tires, which feature an innovative gel layer that promptly seal any punctures upon occurrence, providing a hassle-free riding experience. Enjoy the added peace of mind and uninterrupted journeys, as these tires effortlessly handle unexpected challenges with ease.

    Apollo City 2023 Handlebars


    The handlebar of the sleek Apollo City Pro 2023 model features an anti-glare display and is seamlessly integrated to provide riders with essential data like speed, battery status, riding modes, and cruise control functions, ensuring an informed riding experience.

    apollo city escooter 2022 model


    Turn by turn navigation, post-ride analytics and advance settings all available with the Apollo City app.


    Experience an exceptionally smooth ride with the aid of dual shocks and triple suspension.

  • Brand

    We believe the future us electric. It's better for us, better for those around us, and better for the environment. We started Apollo scooters on a bet that Canadians will follow the path to an electric future and we would give them the means to get there. Why scooters? We're not at all anti-bike or even anti-car, but simply fell in love with how fun and convenient electric scooters are. The thrill of seeing anyone from 16 to 60 years old hop on a scooter for the first time and ride it with confidence is one of a kind. Every day we get one step closer to our goal, of abandoning transportation mediocrity, and helping Canadians commute for less, while having more fun and doing good for the environment.

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