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PET opened its electric scooter shop in London back in 2019, one of the first electric scooter stores trading in the UK.  We have been importing electric scooters and EUC (electric unicycles) since 2015 making us the most experienced electric scooter shop in the country.

Electric Scooter Shop in London

Electric scooters and EUCs require maintenance just like any vehicle.  PET was built by electric scooter and EUC enthusiasts - we only stock electric scooters and EUCs that we would ride and we know how to look after them.  We have one of the highest TrustPilot scores in the industry because we take this personally - when you buy from PET, you get our personal recommendation.  Personal Electric Transport!

Electric Scooters

At PET electric scooter shop in London, we have a handpicked range of electric scooters for every situation.  Whether you want a small, lightweight electric scooter for quick trips to the shops or you want a dual-motor off-road electric scooter capable of serious trail riding, we have options for you.


We are big fans of EUC at PET - all of us ride in our spare time and you can generally find one or two of us at ride-outs in London!  We are good friends with the manufactures and usually have a selection of the hottest EUC at PET for demos. We also like to teach people how to ride at PET’s electric scooter store in London on Saturdays if you fancy a go.

Electric Scooter Store in London Workshop

Before you buy an electric scooter online, or purchase an EUC, make sure you trust that you will be supported properly.  PET electric scooter shop in London has the most experienced engineers covering electric scooters, EUC and e-bikes. All our electric scooters, EUC and e-bikes are covered by a 2-year warranty supported by our workshops right here in the electric scooter store in London. If we sell you an electric scooter or EUC, you know that we stock a full range of spare parts and accessories should you need it.

Accessories at our Electric Scooter shop in London

We have a growing range of electric scooter and EUC accessories available at our electric scooter store in London.  We take time to select the best protective clothing including the latest helmets to keep you safe.  We also offer lighting and security products plus we are always on the hunt for innovative new ideas to keep things fresh!


Remember that we are all still waiting for legalisation for use on public roads and cycle lanes in the UK.  You can use electric scooters and EUC on private or common land without issue but use on public roads and cycle lanes could result in prosecution.  Riding on public pavements should be avoided at all times.

Get in Touch

We are always here to answer any questions you may have or to discuss options.  If you need any help before you buy an electric scooter online, give us a call or send an email.

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