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Born To Ride brand was established by London-based riders in 2014.

We want to celebrate life and downhill skateboarding is how we do it. You’ve probably heard ‘from riders to riders’ before, but we really stand for what this means. We are always out shredding and come with a high-five ready.

When we started, quality safety gear was essential for us to push our limits to the fullest. To meet our needs we developed our first suit and have never looked back. We wanted to make safety available to every adrenaline enthusiast and set out to bring high quality longboarding equipment to the community. Our purpose is more than just making profit.

We aim to bring you freedom of mind so you can fully commit, focus on your performance and most of all enjoy the ride. Whether you race or freeride we are here to keep you in one piece.

Based in the UK and connected worldwide, we are committed to giving back to the scene and helping guide it forward.